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Introducing the Digital Juice SunBurst 288

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Whether you’re a photographer, shooting in the studio or in the field, the Digital Juice SunBurst 288 light is your most powerful lighting system! This LED lighting system with included soft box, lets you easily switch from a strong, direct to a soft, diffused light and also gives you the ability to chain together and control up to 8 of these at a time with its optional controller, making it an asset to any of your production shoots! This affordable light kit produces excellent color reproduction with no shift while dimming, giving you exactly what you want for your photography needs. It’s set to a cool 5600 Kelvins, but can put out a massive 18,000 Lms of light so you’ll never have to be afraid of the dark again! The umbrella lighting system gives you an even, soft diffusion of light and its included controller lets you change things up by dimming the light on one or both sides to suit whatever mood you’re in. It is lightweight and durable and comes in a neat case that keeps your lighting safe and stores your extra cords, cables, etc. So if ‘strong’ turns you on then swipe right on the Digital Juice SunBurst 288 for all your productions. Watch this informative video to see how it works.

  • Release Date: October 5, 2017

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