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Introducing the Digital Juice RingBurst 252

It’s time to see the light!

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Your solution for perfectly lit photos and videos in a very compact package is here with the Digital Juice RingBurst 252. Just because you don’t have enough space to set up lighting, doesn’t mean it can’t still be perfect with this compact, 19 inch LED ring light kit. Eliminating the need for bulky, extra equipment, this affordable ring light is all you require to cast your photos and videos in exactly the right light for your photography and videography. Just set this portable ring light in front of your usual camera setup and you’re good to go! You can easily adjust light intensity and even change to a warmer light temperature by popping off the front panels of your this ring light and sliding on the included warm panel diffusers instead. With its built-in cold shoe, the RingBurst LED ring light kit can work well with smaller cameras too, from DSLRs to Point & Shoots to even smartphones if you use the right mount, making it ideal for you no matter what your project! Since it is so lightweight and compact, you can carry it anywhere in the included smart case, so you never have to worry about lighting issues again! Check out this informative intro video to see just how useful the RingBurst 252 can be to you!

  • Release Date: September 14, 2017

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