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Introducing the Digital Juice Slyder Pro

Strap In for a Long Ride

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Deliver consistently smooth tracking shots anytime, anywhere with the Digital Juice Slyder Pro. For top end performance at an amazing price, the ultra light, super smooth, extra long dolly is perfect for you. At 3.3lbs only, it is extremely light and very portable for a 40 inch slyder, but don’t let its weight fool you- its carbon fiber rails ensure that this portable dolly is still very durable, stronger and more stable than most other dollies.This affordable dolly has built in legs so you can increase or decrease the height on either one or both sides so it can be used on level as well as inclined surfaces easily giving you extreme flexibility for your tracking shots. The design of the trolley’s wheel actually allows you to safely use the trolley at any angle: 45 degrees, 90 degrees, even upside down- whatever your inclination! There is also a motor unit designed specifically for the Slyder Pro. The power unit is capable of a range of speeds that suit almost every producer’s needs, so you can use this slider dolly for various different productions. Check out this informative intro video to see how to set up this product, the accessories that go with it and watch it in action.

  • Release Date: November 10, 2017

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