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Introducing the Digital Juice Lotus Jib

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Hosted ByChris Bryant

Looking for a jib meticulously designed for high quality shots all the time? Introducing the Digital Juice Lotus Jib- perfect for your DSLR or small camera! The Lotus Jib is constructed with heavy duty aluminium, making it sturdy yet lightweight and completely portable in the neat, great quality bag it comes in. The Lotus Jib has a very easy set up. To the mounting end of the jib add the camera and a tripod head if desired. You can even mount your camera directly to the jib’s mounting plate with the included bolt and knob. On the other end extend the counter balance arm, secure it in place and begin adding standard weight plates until the camera begins to lift and you’re all set. For even more control mount your favorite ball head to the jib. If you need to see what’s on the camera at all times, you can easily pair and mount a production monitor to your jib so you will never have to shoot blind, no matter how high up the camera is. Check out this informative intro video to see how to set up this product, the accessories that go with it and see it in action.

  • Release Date: March 16, 2018

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