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Introducing the 8' x 8' Butterfly Frame Kit!

Innovative lightweight, collapsible 8' x 8' frame kit for light modification on the go

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Providing innovative gear that is affordable, highly portable and of a professional quality is always our goal at Digital Juice. Our Butterfly Frame Kit fits the bill perfectly, with its lightweight, collapsible 8' x 8' aluminum frame, 2 fabric light modifiers (white artificial silk and black solid) for softening or blocking light, 2 compact carry bags, and 28 specially designed bungee cords to attach the fabric scrims to the frame. While normal frames of this size need a large vehicle for transport, the Digital Juice Butterfly Frame Kit can be folded up and transported with your other gear with room to spare. Best of all, it can be carried and set up by just one person. On location the Butterfly Frame Kit’ white silk screen can help soften sunlight over an area large enough to cover your talent, while in a studio situation, it can soften one large light source or turn multiple lights into a single soft light. And, the black solid is made of non-reflective fabric that is perfect as a negative fill or as a background for studio product shots or professional looking portraits. An optional ChromaPop Studio for Butterfly Frame green screen package is also available to make the frame even more versatile. In this video, you will see how easy it is to transport and set up this frame while watching some examples of how you can put it to use immediately in your own productions.

  • Release Date: June 27, 2012
  • Video Type: Promo
  • Category: Video Production

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