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Getting Started With the Slyder Power Unit

A quick guide to installing & using your Slyder Power Unit on your Slyder Dolly

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The Digital Juice SLYDER POWER UNIT is an easy-to-use motor drive system designed for use with the Digital Juice 40 and 64-Inch Slyder Dolly units. With the Slyder Power Unit, you can get smooth dramatic shots on your Slyder Dolly with everything from a RED ONE to a Canon 5D. Its compact, yet powerful, friction-based motor drive can handle horizontal dolly moves with cameras up to 25 pounds, and angled shots up to 28 degrees with a 3-pound camera setup. Best of all, there are no complex controls or special apps to install. Simply attach the Slyder Power Unit's motor drive to the trolley of your Slyder Dolly, connect the motor drive to its power control unit with the included cable and you are ready to start shooting gorgeous cinematic footage. Watch this short tutorial video to see just how fast and easy it is to setup and operate the Slyder Power Unit on your Slyder Dolly.

  • Release Date: April 29, 2015

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