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Introducing the Verstaile Heavy-Duty Master Slyder & Trolley Dolly

The ultra-smooth & noticeably quiet, professional linear tracking dolly for every shoot

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Created specifically for those who want top-end performance at a groundbreaking price, the ultra-smooth and noticeably quiet Digital Juice MASTER SLYDER is the ultimate choice in professional sliders. The larger form factor and wider base of this professional linear tracking dolly can handle everything from small DSLR cameras up to large broadcast and cinema cameras like the CineAlta and RED ONE, while the custom extruded aluminum C-channel body and innovative removable TROLLEY DOLLY deliver consistently smooth and quiet tracking shots each and every time. Watch this video to see how versatile, rugged and easy-to-use this professional level slider is when working in any location.

  • Release Date: July 17, 2015

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