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Introducing the ColorBurst PRO 3-Point Bi-Color LED Video Light Kit

Cast the right light on any situation!

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Hosted ByChris Bryant

Bring your projects to light with the ColorBurst PRO 3-Point Bi-Color LED Video Light Kit. The perfect lighting solution for field or studio production crews who shoot in variable lighting situations. You can dial in color temperatures from daylight to tungsten or anything in between with it's bi-color LED lighting technology to give your videos the ideal illumination. This technology guarantees that you get visually accurate color temperatures with no color-shift when dimming. The light's high CRI produces consistent and superior color reproduction for the most demanding of photo or video projects. This portable yet highly efficient lighting system comes with everything you need to shoot at various distances, play with highlights, shadows, contrast and beam angle, as well as easily transport and store your lights and stands when not in use. See just how useful it can be for any production in this informative intro video.

  • Release Date: January 7, 2017

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