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Lighting Control

  • Digital Juice Shadow KitDJ Shadow Kit

    Create & adjust mood & setting using shadow patterns from this portable light modification kit

  • Chroma PopChroma Pop

    The portable, collapsible and reversible 5 x 7 ft green/blue screen studio.

  • Digital Juice Color Correction Gel KitDJ Color Correction Gel Kit

    15 most common color correction gels in a stylish portable carry bag

  • Digital Juice Diffusion Gel KitDJ Diffusion Gel Kit

    12 light diffusion gels in a stylish portable carry bag

  • Digital Juice Grip Stand SetDJ Grip Stand Set

    A must-have for any studio due to its modular flexibility & staggered base.

  • Chroma Pop StandChroma Pop Stand Kit

    Portable support specifically designed for the Chroma Pop green/blue screen.

  • Digital Juice Flag KitsDJ Gear Flag Kits

    Versatile, portable lighting modification tools for shooting on the go

  • ChromaPop StudioChroma Pop Studio

    Portable, flexible large-format green screens in two sizes