The LowRider Mounting Kit

Overview Get your LowRider or LowRider Mini, and get your next best shot.

THE LOWRIDER MOUNTING KIT gives you the option to tie-down the versatile, lightweight LOWRIDER and LOWRIDER MINI portable camera supports to just about any surface. It is necessary when securing the LowRider to any moving object, such as a motorcycle, boat, bike or car.

The mounting accessory kit will give you valuable peace of mind when used properly. Any camera within the recommended specification range should have no problem being mounted to any moving object moving at legal speeds. The nylon straps and rubber coated hooks should also give assurance that the vehicle used will incur no damage as a result of its use.

    Key Features Ideal for any lighting situation and all types of production shoots
    • Securely Mounts the LowRider to Vehicles
      Whether you need to put a camera on a car, truck, boat, or motorcycle the Mounting Kit will allow you to put a LowRider on most any vehicle.
    • High Load Capable Steel Buckle
      The high strength steel buckle on the Fastening Strap, is rated up to 882lbs so you can secure your equipment with confidence.
    • Fast and Simple Setup
      The Mounting Kit is designed to be quick and easy to setup and take down without fuss or hassle.
    • Rugged Durability
      The Mounting Kit accessories were all designed and manufactured using the best quality materials, perfect for outdoor and extreme shooting situations.
    Mounting Kit In Use Any moving surface is fair game as a shooting platform with the LowRider and its Mounting Kit
    Kit Contents High quality and extreme component durability means peace of mind when shooting on the move

    Left: PVC-coated Mounting Hooks provide a way to attach the LowRider Mounting Kit's nylon straps to a vehicle without damaging it.

    Right: The Mounting Kit's polypropylene webbing straps and steel buckle have a rated strength of 400kg.

    Left: The LowRider Mounting Kit includes 6 plastic anchors fastened to loop straps.

    Right: The 15 meter tie-down rope in the Mounting Kit provides ample length to attach the LowRider and camera to any moving or stationary surface.

    • *Designed for use with the Digital Juice LowRider and LowRider Mini camera support bags. LEARN MORE
    Fastening Straps (includes 4):
    138" Polypropylene webbing straps with steel buckle and rated strength of 882lbs
    Wire Mounting Hooks (includes 6):
    U-shaped 0.1" steel grade 2062 with PVC coating, 4" long
    Plastic anchor and strap (includes 6):
    1" polyester tape; 9" loop length when joined with plastic anchor. Plastic anchor is fastened to the strap using star screws.
    Tie down rope (include 1):
    0.3" diameter Nylon, 590" long

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