Featured Tutorial A brief introduction to the Shot Bag
Superior weight in a small package

DIGITAL JUICE SHOTBAGS are a lot of weight in a small-sized bag. Shotbags are used on sets all over the world when superior ballast is required, having over twice the weight capacity of a traditional sandbag. Need to offset the weight of a light? Balance a cantilevered camera or fine tune a jib? Maybe you don't have the space for larger sandbags. Or maybe you need a set of small sandbags to complement your standard-sized DJ Sandbags! Then the DJ Shotbag is the perfect solution for you.

The DJ Shotbag's strong, flexible enclosure ensures that it will survive the tough rigors of video, film and photography production. And, its smaller footprint means a smaller storage space can be used for the same amount of weight than with the standard sandbag. This leaves more room for your other camera, grip and lighting gear.

Safety is a top priority on every set. DJ Shotbags, properly used, can protect your valuable equipment and people. One untimely accident can put you out of business, so why risk a falling lightstand or an unstable camera tripod?

The DJ Shotbag has a sturdy construction, with a tough outer skin, poly handle and double-zippered pouches. The double zippered side pouches ensure that once filled, the bags will stay filled. It's the Shotbag you can depend on.

With the double zipper design, you can fill the DJ Shotbag once and you're done. Shotbags are typically filled with either lead or steel shot. Stainless steel pellets are best, as they will weather the production elements without rusting. But whichever filler you choose, whether it's sand, ceramic beads, lead, steel or stainless steel shot, it's going to stay in the DJ Shotbag until you empty it.

DIMENSIONS: 14" x 8" (laying flat)
MATERIALS: Shotbags are made with 100% polyester double matte fabric, fibre content conforming to AATCC 20:2008 /20A:2008 standards. The fabric is waterproof and tested for flammability conforming to standard 16 CFR 1610.
The bags are completely sewn using nylon thread and seam slippage is tested to ASTM D1683:2007 standards.
USER-FILLABLE POCKETS: There is a zip opening on each side of the Shotbag. Each of these concealed openings has double zippers to protect the contents from spilling over. These zippers have been tested for zipper strength to ASTM D2061:2007.
Fill Weight with Coated Lead, Steel or Stainless Steel Shot Pellets*:
Up to 35lbs (10-25 lbs recommended) Example: 25lb bag of No.8 Shot
Fill Weight with Sand*:
Up to 6lbs approx. (4-5 lbs recommended)

* Sand, lead and steel shot or pellets are not provided. Weight is given as a guide for you to use with the fill of your choice.

In a production environment how are Shotbags generally used?

Shotbags are primarily used to add superior ballast in a smaller package, and are employed in a variety of film, video production and staging tasks including:

  • equalizing the weight balance of lighting and grip stands
  • acting as an end stop or marker for a camera dolly
  • as a focus marker
  • to add stability to a camera platform
  • as a quick, adjustable method for leveling
  • for locking down a shot (example: an effects shot where the camera must remain fixed in order for the subject to animate without the background shifting)
  • as a step for talent to stand on when a small increase in height is required
  • as a position marker for talent
  • as ballast on an adjustable lighting rig where the height of the instrument needs to be changed

Who needs a Shotbag?

Everyone involved in production, whether for video, film, or photography can benefit from having shotbags. Independent producers or camera people who regularly have to do their own lighting, rigging and directing depend on gear that helps them work quickly.

What makes the DJ Shotbag unique when compared to others on the market?

The quality of construction on the DJ Shotbag, like the DJ Sandbag, is second to none. Other bags use a lesser grade of material and have a tendency to rip when snagged. The DJ Shotbag is made from non-flammable, waterproof 100% polyester double matte fabric. It is completely sewn using nylon thread with seam slippage tested to meet a very high standard.

DJ Shotbags are user-fillable so they are easy to store / pack when not in use. They employ a double-zippered compartment on both sides to prevent leakage. The center grip handle is made of tough nylon that is comfortable enough to pick up and move from setup to setup. Overall the Shotbags are designed for production environment use and can withstand heavy usage well.

Where do I find lead or stainless steel shot?

Sand, lead and steel shot or pellets are not provided. Weight is given as a guide for you to use with the fill of your choice. Sand is available at your local home improvement or hardware store, while pellets and shot can be found at a sporting goods store or through a metals supplier. Practical sizes for beads, pellets and shot are 0.3 mm up to 2.0 mm. Larger sized fillers may be used, but with larger sizes you will increasingly affect the ability of the bag to easily mold to different shapes and surfaces.