Training VideoThe spring steel frame lets this 7ft by 5ft screen instantly collapse into a bag 1/3rd its size.
OverviewAn instant green screen solution that is reversible, collapsible and portable

The Digital Juice Chroma Pop is our first foray into bringing you non-software products that continue our goal of helping you get your video projects done better, faster, and cheaper. The Chroma Pop is a highly portable, blue|green reversible pop-up screen that is designed to give you perfect keys no matter where you are.

It's spring steel frame lets this 7ft by 5ft screen instantly collapse into a bag 1/3rd its size that can easily fit into any back seat, closet, or trunk. When you need it, it instantly pops open to reveal its full size. The blue and green fabric have been specially formulated to give you the best key possible when used with standard editing and plug-in keying software.

So now, whether you are at home, in the studio or on the road, you can have a high-quality, portable, reversible green or blue screen instantly available to you.

Folding How-ToOnce folded, the Chroma Pop is 1/3 the size and can easily fit any back seat, trunk or closet.

Folds in Seconds

  1. Holding the top right corner with your right hand, grab the bottom left corner with your left hand and pull the two corners together(folding the frame in half) and creating an upside down U shape with the frame.

  2. Push down and in on the middle top section of the frame farthest from your body so that it goes to the ground to form two circles with that half.

  3. Fold one circle towards your leg, then the other. You may adjust the size of the circles to achieve a better fit during this process.

  4. Place folded up screen in clear bag.

Note: Fold in a clean and dry area.

Key FeaturesDouble sided 2-in-1, portable, high-quality and easy to use.

2-in-1 Green and Blue screenGreen screen or blue screen? It doesn't matter which one you need because the double-sided Chroma Pop offers both options in one portable pop-up screen.

Compact and portableHaving a dual sided 7' X 5' chromakey screen is nice, but how to store and transport it? The Chroma Pop answers that question with a steel band frame that allows the unit to be collapsed into a much smaller size. Just use a small amount of force in the right place and the large screen is reduced to the size of a standard bicycle tire -- only it's much lighter and, thanks to a handy carrying case, easy to transport from point A to point B.

Heavy-duty zippered carry bagThe ChromaPop ships with a free heavy-duty zippered carry case that keeps your screen clean and makes storing and transporting it a breeze. The bag has a durable padded carry handle and a handy business card slot so you can identify your gear when travelling.

High quality materialThe Chroma Key background fabric is constructed of a high grade green and blue color polyester fabric fused together using 32 density foam. The unit's collapsible frame is made from hardened tempered spring steel making it strong, but flexible.

7ftX5ftNot too big to get in the way, but big enough to do full body shots with two adults.

Easy to use All it takes is the right twist of the wrist with a little pressure applied and the Chroma Pop screen responds, twisting into two halves and then collapsing into a 30 inch diameter circle. Expanding the Chroma Pop screen is even easier. Just give it a nudge in the right direction and the Chroma Pop screen does the rest -- practically expanding all by itself. Then it's a simple matter of using the Chroma Pop's many tabs or loops to secure the unit into place on a stand or against a wall, giving you a clean background for your subject matter.

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Chroma Pop

Weight:approx. 5.8 lbs / 2.6 kg (alone), 6.3 lbs / 2.8 kg (in zippered carry bag)

Dimensions:7' x 5'

Material:Background fabric is high-grade green and blue colored polyeste, fused together with 32 density foam. Collapsible metal frame is made from hardened, tempered spring steel.


How do you properly light a Chroma Pop for shooting good keys?

For ideal keys, you will need to light the Chroma Pop separately with balanced light from both sides set at 45 degrees to 30 degrees. With video, use an external monitor to check for hotspots. Make sure your subject is at least 8 to 10 feet in front of the screen and separately lit. You want as much distance as possible between the background and the subject to avoid shadows and color spill.

A softbox is nice to have for your subject's face for a softer look. You can also use a hair light to make the subject really pop off the screen. You want your keying software to have no problem figuring out what to key out. The "Digital Juice Reflector" kits are a great companion product. You can use them for extra fill lights and to help redirect light that shines on subjects with glasses or bald heads.

Is wrinkling as much of an issue with the Chroma Pop as it is with other fabric green screens?

Because the Chroma Pop is a fold-up, portable cloth product, some wrinkling is bound to occur when you keep it in storage for any length of time. However, as mentioned above, lighting and separation of talent is by far the most crucial aspect of chroma keying. Any slight wrinkling that may form will usually not affect the process if lighting is correct. As a matter of fact, the Chroma Pop will likely still key better than many blue/green walls you've worked with. Check out some tests we did to show a typical ChromaPop screen in action here.

This product looks really nice and the price sounds good too, but I don't understand how it works. When it's open are there bars inside it that keep it open and taut? How does it bend to collapse into a circle? Do you need C Stands to hold it flat? If I were to hang it from 2 loops, would it stay flat?

The outside edges are the only support, but that is enough. The outer edge of the Chroma Pop is made from spring steel which is a bendable metal that springs back into shape. A quick twist and turn folds the entire screen into a circular shape at a much smaller size (see the video here). Once open, the screen will stay flat because the fabric is held taut by the outer frame. You can hold it up with C-stands, light stands, photography backdrop stands or pretty much anything you can hook a velcro loop to. You can also prop it against a wall if you want.

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"WOW, I must say, I am impressed with the Chroma Pop. I expected a basic foldup screen with material like other products. Boy, I was wrong. The construction and strength of the materials used is very very good....and the size of it shocked me. I thought it would be smaller, but it is a great size. Way to go DJ!!!!" -- Jerry Jones, via DJ Forums

"...wanted to let everyone know that I received my Chroma Pop and am extremely impressed with the workmanship. Very thick, very heavy-duty. Terrific value!" -- Douglas Figueredo, via DJ Forums

"I bought one and must say that I was truly amazed at the quality. I have done a great deal of Green Screen work with full body screens and even looked into these type of portable screens. I did not like the quality or construction of any I had looked at until this one. Folding it back up is a breeze and I got it on the first try and every try since. It is well worth the price if you have a use for such an item. I will not be parting with mine. It works great." -- Michael Powell, via DJ Forums

In Use @ JUICE

Digital Juice animations make an excellent background for your keyed out subject. Replace a messy studio or busy street with a background graphic which suits the production. The go-anywhere Chroma Pop makes it easy to key just about any talking head into a new environment.