Digital Juice Bag Tags for Shot Bags and Sand Bags
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Color code your Shot Bag and Sand Bag collection while protecting your hands!

Digital Juice Bag Tags are a companion product for our popular Shot bags & Sand Bags. These 7 color- and weight-coded, foam-padded handle wrappers serve a variety of purposes -- all geared to streamline your workflow and make your production shoots easier. They offer an easy reuseable method to mark your sand bag and shot bag collection so it is easy to identify which bags are needed for a specific job, depending on the weight required.

Each BagTag attaches with a secure velcro strip which runs the complete width of the tag so it won't come undone unless you want to move it to a different bag. The bright color assortment on the Bag Tags makes them pop in the usual studio environment so your bags are easy to find. Each color is dinstinct from the others to aid in clear identification. The padding inside each BagTag also makes carrying them around easier on your hands.


Dimensions: Open -- 4.75" x 5.25" (121mm x 133mm); Closed -- 4.75" x 1.75" (121mm x 44mm)
Materials: Velcro closure, heavyweight woven polyester fabric (water and flame resistant), nylon thread, foam padding
Weight: 1.0 oz

Each Digital Juice BagTag is stamped with a specific weight in pounds and kilograms. Each weight has a distinct color assigned to it so you can develop an easy to remember system for identifying each of your custom filled sand bags/shot bags. The printed weight information stands out from the color background fabric in a strong black font.

As with all Digital Juice gear, the construction on the Bag Tags collection is of the highest quality. Each tag is padded, lined and stitched to ensure longevity in a rugged working environment. The materials used were chosen for their durability, efficiency and good looks — rugged nylon thread, heavyweight water and flame resistant polyester fabric in 7 vibrant distinct shades, soft foam padding that doesn't interfere with functionality and an integral 4.5 inch strip of Velcro which holds the bag grip firmly in place.

At a weight of just 1 ounce per BagTag, a complete set (or two) of these handy weight grips will not add any heft to your existing setup. What they WILL do is make you look and feel a lot more professional and organized. The bright colors and quality construction will add an attractive sparkle to your next shoot, whether it's in the studio or on the road.


You are correct. The carry handle on every Sand Bag and Shot Bag is extremely rugged and durable. However if you have to carry them any distance you will find they can be a little rough on the hands, especially when you get into the heavier end of their weight capacity. The Bag Tags are padded to give your hands that extra cushioning when slinging bags around in a non-stop production environment.

Because our Sand Bags and Shot Bags are user-fillable, they can be customized to hold a range of different materials with varying weight capacities which you will use in different shooting situations.

In order to streamline your workflow you can keep ready a set of Sand Bags/Shot Bags holding 5 pound incremental weights from 10-40 pounds. Giving each of these bags an easy to read and recognize color tag makes it that much easier to grab what you need and go.

No, the Bag Tags will work with most if not all strap handle sand bags or shot bags not just the high quality Digital Juice bags.