Slyder Dolly

Overview Get more fluid & flexible tracking shots with your camera mounted to the Slyder Dolly on a High Hat

The High Hat Kit includes the High Hat unit and its mounting hardware. It attaches directly to the Slyder Dolly mounting plate through pre-cut holes and can support any 100mm tripod ball head. An optional 75mm ball head adapter ring is also available.

With the High Hat Kit, you can easily attach and detach your tripod head and camera rig to the Slyder Dolly when you need more fluid tilting and panning while shooting your tracking shots. Whether your Slyder Dolly is placed on the floor for a low-angle shot or attached to C-Stands for a more standard height shot, the High Hat accessory makes camera motion more flexible, giving you the fluid control of the tilting and rotation possible with a tripod head combined with the continuous straight motion possible on the Slyder Dolly.

Key Features Expand the capabilities of your Slyder Dolly
  • Camera motion is more fluid for more shot diversity:
    The High Hat Kit allows you to attach your tripod fluid head to the Slyder Dolly quickly and easily. With the camera attached in this way, it to be tilted and angled at a wider variety of angles and with a greater degree of control than when it is directly attached to the Slyder Dolly. This means your shooting platform is more versatile and can handle more complex shots.
  • Quicker and easier camera rig setup and knockdown:
    The High Hat unit allows you to move your camera/tripod head setup from the Slyder Dolly back and forth to your tripod quickly and easily with one quick screw attachment.*
  • Lightweight and sturdy:
    The High Hat Kit is extremely lightweight and easy to carry with you. However the unit is very sturdy and capable of holding your complete camera and tripod head setup firmly in place on the Slyder Dolly. The High Hat unit attaches to the Slyder Dolly trolley plate with dedicated screws in each of its four corners. The tripod head is then held in place on the High Hat with the provided heavy duty screw and base ring under the main cup.
  • *  The 3/8"-16 knob supplied with the High Hat Kit works with most common tripod ball head models. However you should check your tripod manufacturer's specifications to make sure the thread size is compatible.

The Slyder Dolly High Hat Kit allows you to use your favorite tripod head for more fluid motion of the camera during more complex tracking shots.


The trolley plate of the Slyder Dolly has 4 dedicated holes, 1 in each corner which are designed to firmly hold the High Hat unit in place. At right is the base of High Hat unit.

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The High Hat Kit in use on the Slyder Dolly in the Digital Juice studio.

The optional 75mm ball head adapter ring fits inside the High Hat cup to accomodate 75mm tripod heads.

The optional Vinten ball head adapter knob is available to accomodate and secure Vinten ball heads on the Slyder Dolly High Hat accessory. The standard 3/8"-16 knob which comes with the High Hat kit will not work with the speed thread of the Vinten units, so when planning to use a Vinten ball head on the High Hat, you will need this optional accessory.

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