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Overview Industry standard 3/8" attachment in one easy access step

Instead of fastening your camera to the Slyder Dolly trolley plate from below, the round Mounting Adapter accessory quickly screws into the top of the trolley plate to make camera rig change-ups faster and easier. You can leave the Mounting Adapter attached to the Slyder Dolly and just attach your ball head and camera when you need it via the 3/8" screw on its top surface.

Key Features Save precious time by allowing for quicker camera rig changes
  • Quick and easy camera rig changes:
    Time is money and every time you can decrease the time a task takes, you have more time to devote to other tasks. The Slyder Dolly Mounting Adapter may seem like it only saves you a couple of minutes in attaching your camera but those few minutes could be crucial to your production.
  • Industry standard 3/8"-16 top and bottom scew attachment:
    The mounting adapter is designed to be compatible with just about any ball head or other gear attachment you might need to attach to the Slyder Dolly.
Key featureimage

Attaching the Mounting Adapter to the trolley plate is as simple as screwing it into the corresponding 3/8"-16 hole on the top of the trolley plate.


product_depth_img05Typically, you will use the mounting adapter to attach an accessory such as the Giottos Ball Head to the trolley plate. The ball head would then hold your camera on a quick release plate. However, you could also use the adapter to attach directly to any other 3/8" - 16 compatible accessory.

Slyder Doll

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