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Featured VideoA brief introduction to the versatile and affordable Flag Kit & Flag Kit Pro
Overview Versatile, portable lighting modification tools for shooting on the go or in the studio

Available in two configurations, the Digital Juice Flag Kits are portable lighting modification systems that allow you to quickly and easily duplicate studio lighting effects on location. These compact “flag” frames unfold and lock into place, creating a rigid support to hold and stretch a range of interchangeable lightweight fabric screens or scrims taut. Industry standard border colors on the fabric screens provide a quick and easy way to identify each piece. Once the fabric screen is stretched on the frame, it can be attached to any support, such as a C-Stand, to create contrast, change light ratios, add diffused light or block light completely in specific areas. Once the screen is removed from the frame, the three-sided metal frame collapses quickly and easily for storing and transport.

The portability and small footprint of our flag kits is ideal for shooting on location. Either Flag Kit should fit easily into most lighting kits or can be carried separately in its own compact, lightweight carry bag. These kits are so versatile you will want to take them with you every time you leave the studio. You may also find they work equally well in-studio to fine-tune your lighting patterns. In fact, if you are just starting to build a light kit and don't have a budget for all sizes of scrims, flags, dots & fingers, either of these kits is a great way to start.

The Flag Kit Standard comes with two 18" x 24" frames and 4 fabrics (black single -net scrim, black double-net scrim, black block & double-stop white silk), each of which will cut the output of a light by a different percentage. We have also included a 6" solid black dot and a 4" x 14" solid black finger as a bonus.

The Flag Kit Pro contains 5 larger 24" x 36" frames, 5 fabrics (black single -net scrim, black double-net scrim, black block, single-stop white silk & double-stop white silk), 2 dots (6" solid black block, 6" black single-net) & 2 fingers (4" x 14" solid black block, 4" x 14" black single-net)

Each type of fabric scrim or screen blocks or diminishes light to a different degree. Having a variety of options at hand means you can fine-tune lighting easily in any situation or environment.

Constructed from durable steel, these three-sided collapsible frames have 2 arms that fold out at 90-degree angles from the center bar and lock into place. In combination with the easily interchangeable fabric covers, these flag frames can be easily mounted to any standard grip head. The collapsible frame allows for easy transport and storage.

The stylish Carry Bag for each Flag Kit protects your flags, frames & scrims as well as keeping everything organized and gathered together in one handy lightweight bag.

The handy fold-open carry bag has plenty of room to hold all the pieces of the Flag Kit plus more. There is extra space in the two pockets inside the bag for additional grip gear like C-47s (clothespins) or gels.

The removable fabric screens and scrims fold up for safe storage and travel inside the carry bag, along with the collapsible frames, dots & fingers.

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Flag Kit PRO

  W - 29" / 74cm
  L - 44.5" / 113cm,
  H - .5" / 1.3cm (open)

  W - 12"/ 30.5cm
  L - 44.5" /113cm,
  H - 3" / 7.6cm (closed)
  16 lbs / 7.3kg

Flag Kit PRO
  • 5 Flag Frames 24" x 36" (61 x 91cm)
  • 1 Black Single Net Screen (green border) 24" x 36" (61 x 91cm)
  • 1 Black Double Net Screen (red border) 24" x 36" (61 x 91cm)
  • 1 One-Stop Silk Screen (grey border) 24" x 36" (61 x 91cm)
  • 1 Two-Stop Silk Screen (yellow border) 24" x 36" (61 x 91cm)
  • 1 Black Block Solid (black border) 24" x 36" (61 x 91cm)
  • 1 Solid Dot 6" (15cm)
  • 1 Single Net Dot 6" (15cm)
  • 1 Solid Finger 4" x 14" (10 x 36cm)
  • 1 Single Net Finger 4: x 14" (10 x 36cm)
  • 1 Storage/Carry Bag


What exactly are screens, scrims, flags, dots & fingers and how are they used?

Screens and scrims are used in lighting setups for photography, video and film to diminish the intensity or quantity of light. They can shape, soften, block or reduce the amount of light falling on the subject. They can also be used to protect the camera lens from flare or to control light spill from other sources, reducing ambient background light to better balance overall exposure. Usually a scrim will refer to a mesh like material wheras a screen refers to a finer diffusing silk fabric. Dots and fingers are, respectively, circular and rectangular shapes that can block or diminish light in a small area, depending on the material used to construct them.

Can you explain how I might use a dot or finger in a practical situation?

Let's say you were shooting a model with exposed skin on the neck and shoulders . Once you have decided on the positioning and lighting for the shot that you like, you might find there is a large hot spot and specular highlight on that exposed skin. Rather than change the pose or alter the lighting you could position a dot or a finger in between the light source and the area of the subject with the hot spot, keeping it close to the subject and just out of frame.

My studio has a pretty complete light modification setup. Why would I need the Digital Juice Flag Kits?

For one thing, you will have become accustomed to being able to control your light with a great deal of customization. By having one of our Flag Kits in your arsenal, you can take that ability on the road, and increase your chances at controlling lighting when you have to shoot on location in less than forgiving environments. Make every shot look like a million bucks by throwing up a quick diffusion flag or cutting down a hot spot with a solid dot in the right place.

  • No matter where you plan to shoot your next project - in your usual studio or on the road, you will almost without doubt need to diminish or block some light from hitting your subject. With a portable Flag Kit at your disposal, you are always ready to make that fine-tuning to your lighting setup as you need it.

    Shown here are the Digital Juice Flag Kit screens in use during several Digital Juice Gear promo shoots.