Deffusion Gel Kit

Featured VideoA brief introduction to a portable light kit essential -- the Digital Juice Diffusion Gel Kit
Overview Add subtlety and finer control to your lighting with the professional portable Diffusion Gel Kit

When you're lighting a scene, hard lights can create harsh, dramatic shadows, highlighting unwanted features and distracting your viewer's attention from the shot's intended purpose. To give your productions a professional look you need to keep the focus where you want it by softening hard shadows and controlling the intensity and spread of your lights. The best way to do this is with diffusion gels. Once again we come to the rescue by introducing a brand new industry standard product in the DJ Gear line of lighting control products -- the Digital Juice Diffusion Gel Kit.

This essential kit comes with: an assortment of 12 different types of diffusion gel filters, ranging from the heavy diffusion of White Frost to the barely-there diffusion of 1/4 Tough Spun; a stylish DJ Gear Bag to keep your gels organized and easy to transport; and an extra sheet of each of the two most-used filters -- Tough Spun and 1/2 Tough Spun. Each 20" x 24" gel sheet is labeled for quick identification and can easily be cut down to custom sizes. The kit also includes an eight pack of C-47 clips and two sets of additional labels so that you can keep track of your cut pieces. Using diffusion gels is as easy as taking a filter out of the bag and utilizing a few of the included C-47s to secure it to the barn door of a light. You can also use tape to secure it to a gel frame or a window.

The Digital Juice Diffusion Gel Kit is the perfect addition to your professional lighting kit, no matter where you need to shoot. Whether you need to get wider coverage from a hard light or you want to soften shadows and hide blemishes on a subject's face, the Digital Juice Diffusion Gel Kit gives you the tools you need to get the look you want.

Overview Portable, professional kit that softens shadows, spreads light & solves a variety of lighting issues
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  • Convenient lightweight carry bag
  • Stylish and durable way to organize, store and carry your diffusion gel sheets. The bag is lightweight and fits easily into most professional light kits.
  • Handy removable label stickers on each gel filter sheet
  • Easy identification of individual filters saves time during setup. Additional sticker sheets mean you can customize the size and shape of your filters and still keep them labelled.
  • Kit includes 12 of the most common and most useful diffusion filters.
  • You get a perfect portable starter set for softening light & solving lighting issues on the go or in-studio, without adding bulk to your portable gear kit. If you need extra gel sheets they are available individually.
  • Additional clips and sticker labels included
  • You have everything you need to get started right out of the box.

The diffusion gels range from heavy diffusion filters (White Diffusion, White Frost, Light Frost, 1/2 Frost & Frost gels) to medium diffusion filters (1/2 White Diffusion & Full Tough Spun gels) to light diffusion filters (1/4 White Diffusion, 1/2 Tough Spun, Opal Frost, Light Opal Frost and 1/4 Tough Spun gels).

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  • The stylish carry bag for the Diffusion Gel kit protects your gel filter sheets as well as keeping everything organized and gathered together in one handy lightweight bag.

  • The kit also comes with 8 wooden clothespins for attaching the filters to your lights, and 2 extra sheets of labels so you can keep gels organized if you customize the shape and size of your filters.


  • The pocket that holds the diffusion gel sheets in place in the carry bag is fastened with sturdy Velcro strips on both sides, making it easy to access the gel filter sheets.

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  • The inside of the carry bag is lined with a non-slip silky cloth to protect the gel sheets and make it easy to slide them in and out of the bag's large pocket.

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  • Each diffusion gel is conveniently labelled for easy identification. The stickers are easy to remove or shift to a different position if required.

  • Filters are also easily customized for any light source or gel frame just by cutting the sheets to the required shape and size. They can also be relabelled using the additional stickers provided with the kit.

  • The lightweight compact Diffusion Gel Kit fits easily into most portable light kits so it can be easily carried to any location along with your lights and other gear.



  Diffusion Gel sheets - 20 x 24" (51 x 61cm)

  Carry Bag (closed) - 25.75" x 5" (65.4 x 12.7cm)

  Carry Bag (fully open) - 25.75" x 30.75" (65.4 x 78.1cm)

  Weight (Carry Bag + Gels) - 2.2 lbs
(1 kg)

Contents of Kit

DJ Gear Diffusion Gel Kit Bag, 8 wooden C-47 clips, 2 additional sticker sheets, 14 labelled gel filter sheets (1 sheet each of Frost, 1/2 Frost, Light Frost, Opal Frost,
Light Opal Frost, White Frost, 1/2 White Diffusion,
1/4 White Diffusion, 1/4 Tough Spun; 2 sheets each of Full Tough Spun, 1/2 Tough Spun).


What are some specific uses for diffusion gel filters ?

The softer light achieved with diffusion gels can help to reduce facial blemishes and wrinkles as well as to supress unwanted glare in a subject's eyes. Diffusion gels can also widen the beam of a light so it covers a larger area, giving you better coverage per light. They are also great tools to have on set when you're lighting a green screen, giving you the ability to spread the beam of light from a tungsten fixture to provide more even coverage on your background and helping you get a better key.

What is the advantage to having so many different types of diffusion gels?

With a variety of diffusion levels, you can better dial in the level of softening you need for any type of subject and for any type of lighting setup. You can adjust your lighting with more subtlety to make your production more professional looking.

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  • In use at Juice
  • Diffusion gels are great tools to have on set when you're lighting a green screen, they give you the ability to spread the beam of light from a tungsten fixture to give you even coverage on your background, helping you get a better key and giving you more professional results.

  • In use at Juice
  • The softer light achieved with diffusion gels has many advantages. It can help to reduce facial blemishes and wrinkles as well as to supress unwanted glare in a subject's eyes. It can even widen the beam of a light to cover a larger area giving you better coverage per instrument. In this promo video shoot, just two additional lights were used to light the scene, in additional to the existing lighting on the set from a window and a ceiling fixture.

  • In use at Juice
  • In use at Juice
  • In use at Juice
  • In use at Juice
  • In use at Juice
  • In use at Juice
  • Diffusion gels work by spreading out the beam of a light source giving it a softer edge. The wider the beam width is spread the softer the shadows it produces will be. Diffusion gels also help to give your lights a better three dimensional wrap. Above, you can see the effect of adding a diffusion gel in cutting down glare in the subject's face as well as in softening shadows and filling in details.