Orbit Dolly

Overview An instant, reversible, collapsible backdrop that can also act as a reflector or flag

Digital Juice is always searching for ways to help you get your video or photography projects completed better, faster, and cheaper. With our popular ChromaPop product we helped make the green screen experience quick and painless, especially on location. However, you don't always want or need to key out your footage. Sometimes you just need a good clean shot in a busy cluttered location. Cue the Digital Juice LumaPop - a highly portable, black|white reversible pop-up screen similar to the ChromaPop, but designed to give you an instant pure black or pure white backdrop when you need it most.

At 7' by 4.5', the LumaPop is large enough to handle a shot with two talking heads or a one-person body shot when turned vertically. Plus, it's spring steel frame lets the screen instantly collapse into a bag 1/3rd its size (28" diameter) that can easily fit into any back seat, closet, or trunk. When you need it, it instantly pops open to reveal its full size. The lightweight spring steel frame holds the fabric taut and can stand on its own when leaned against a wall or post. It can also be easily clipped to a light stand or attached to the compatible Digital Juice ChromaPop Stand - fastening quickly and easily with the built-in velcro straps found on all 4 sides.

When not being used as a backdrop, both sides of the LumaPop can also be used to alter the quality of the light on a shoot. The black side of the screen acts as a large flag to block unwanted light in specific areas. The white screen makes an ideal large size reflector, perfect for outdoor locations and for softening direct sunlight.

Product Indepth 2-in-1 versatility, compact portability, high-quality construction & ease of use

The fabrics used on both sides of the LumaPop have been specially formulated to give you the best neutral backdrop possible when shooting on location or in the studio. The black material is a deep dark soft matte velvet - non reflective and non wrinkling while the white material has a bright white color and soft opaque matte finish - wrinkle resistant with no bleedthrough.

The versatility of the double-sided 2-in-1 black and white LumaPop screen means It doesn't matter which one you need - both options are available in one lightweight pop-up screen.

The LumaPop's steel band frame allows the unit to be collapsed into a much smaller size. Just use a small amount of force in the right place and the large screen is reduced to the size of a standard bicycle tire -- only it's much lighter and, thanks to a handy carrying case, easy to transport from point A to point B. The unit's collapsible frame is made from hardened tempered spring steel making it strong, but flexible.

The 7ft X 4.5ft size of the LumaPop is not too big to get in the way, but it is big enough to do a body shot with an adult model or even a group of talking heads when placed in a horizontal orientation.

Once open, the screen will stay flat because the fabric is held taut by the outer frame. You can hold it up with C-stands, light stands, photography backdrop stands or pretty much anything you can hook a velcro loop to. You can also prop it against a wall if you want. The LumaPop also has plenty of velcro tabs for attaching to whatever production/support setup you might use, giving you a clean backdrop for your subject matter or a versatile flag/reflector for controlling lighting on-set or on-location.

The handy zippered carry bag included with the LumaPop keeps your screen safe and clean, while making it supremely easy to carry around and store out of the way when not in use. It even includes a handy business card pocket to identify your gear when you travel.

Product Indepth Once folded, the LumaPop is 1/3 its expanded size & can be easily carried or stored

The FlexThe LumaPop practically expands by itself when removed from the carry bag. To collapse the screen after use, a simple twist of the wrist with a little pressure applied and the LumaPop screen responds, twisting into two halves and collapsing into a size that fits easily into the 28-inch diameter carry bag.

Whether you need a quick and easy backdrop in a busy office setting or a clean white background for portrait shots in-studio, the versatile LumaPop fills the bill for both photo and video productions. It is lightweight and easy to carry, set up and fold away. It offers both black and white options in one screen and it can also be used to reflect or block light over a large area.

LumaPop LumaPop
Digital Juice LumaPop
Weight: approx. 6.4 lbs / 2.9kg (alone), 7.4 lbs / 3.4kg (in carry bag)
Dimensions: 7' x 4'6" (2.13m x 1.37m)
Materials: Black background fabric is high-grade matte wrinkle-free velvet, white background is a soft opaque wrinkle-resistant muslin. Collapsible metal frame is made from hardened, tempered spring steel.

What are the advantages of the large size of the LumaPop?

When used as a photo or video backdrop, the larger size of the LumaPop screen means you can fit more of your subject(s) against the backdrop, giving you more flexibility in your shots. When used as a reflector or flag, the LumaPop's size means you can get more even coverage over a broader area. This helps when lighting full body shots or large subjects such as groups of people and automobiles. It also allows for more freedom of movement for your talent.

In a production environment, how would the LumaPop's reflector and flag capabilities be used?

Reflectors are used by film, video and still photographers to redirect or "bounce" light into an area where additional light is needed. They provide a quick solution for contouring exposure on your subjects by "filling" in areas of unwanted shadow, or by providing a secondary source of reflected light. Reflected light can be softer by nature, offering more flattering results on subjects such as the human face or body. Sometimes you also need to completely block existing light from falling on your subject or on the camera lens, in which case a large black flag like the LumaPop can control light spill from other sources and reduce ambient background light to better balance overall exposure.

How would you properly light the black and white sides of the LumaPop when using it as a backdrop?

When shooting against the black side of the LumaPop, you will most likely only want to light your subject and not the backdrop itself, in order to make the subject stand out from the dark background, and in order to keep the black as dark and even as possible. On a white backdrop, you may want to add a fill light or two on the backdrop to keep it as evenly white as possible and to make the subject stand out as much as possible. However, every lighting situation will be different and you will want to experiment with what works best for every shoot.

Is wrinkling an issue with the LumaPop??

Because the LumaPop is a fold-up, portable cloth product, some wrinkling is bound to occur when you keep it in storage for any length of time. However both black and white fabrics are quite wrinkle resistant and, because the spring steel frame holds the fabric taut, the amount of wrinkling will likely be less than any regular draped fabric background you might use. If wrinkles persist and are visible in your shots, a quick steam will usually solve the issue. You will also likely find that once you finetune your lighting setup a bit, any visible wrinkles will disappear on-screen.