Digital Juice Helios 3-Point Lighting Kit

Overview An ideal on-the-go lighting kit with everything you need for lighting your next production

The Digital Juice Helios 3-Point Lighting Kit offers a total of 1600 Watts of lighting power in a compact kit perfect for shooting both on location and in the studio. Each of the three Tungsten Fresnel lights in the kit produces powerful, smooth-focusing, bright and even illumination, useful for a variety of video and photographic applications. The top quality, lightweight construction of the Helios 300 and Helios 650 lights as well as the heavy-duty wheeled carry case make this the ideal on-the-go kit, containing everything you need to get up and running with a complete lighting setup in minutes.

The Helios 3-Point Lighting Kit consists of a rugged padded wheeled case, one Helios 300 and two Helios 650 Tungsten Fresnel lights, plus essential accessories for each light in the form of barndoors, light stands and bulbs. A bonus Helios Scrim Kit is also included with single and double wire scrims for each light in an attractive zippered wallet case.

Product Indepth 1600 Watts of lighting power in 3 compact Fresnel lights plus scrims, bulbs, barndoors & stands

The 3.2" Fresnel lens of the Helios 300 (top) and the 4.3" Fresnel lens of the Helios 650 (bottom, left) both produce a soft, even light field which is adjustable from spot to flood using the worm-gear driven knob on the back of the light (bottom, right). Turning the knob counterclockwise moves the bulb and reflector closer to the Fresnel lens, providing a more spread-out flood light. Turning the knob clockwise moves lamp and reflector further from the lens, focusing the light to a spot.

The yoke on both types of Helios lights attaches to any 5/8" (16mm) stud.

The Helios Scrim Kit includes industry-standard single and double wire scrims for each light in the kit, all held neatly in an attractive zippered carry case with a large-looped zipper pull which can be used to hang the wallet on a light stand, keeping your scrims close at hand while adjusting lighting on a shoot. The scrims slide neatly in front of the light, behind the barndoor attachment.

The included 4-leaf barndoors, along with the single and double wire scrims for each light, allow you to alter the shape and intensity of the light output from your Helios lights. The heat-resistant, rotatable barndoors attach easily to the front of the light and the four leaves can be adjusted to shape light so that it hits only the desired areas of a set. Wire scrims cut down on the intensity of the light - double scrims cutting the light intensity by double the amount of the single scrim. For complete details on barndoor and scrim installation, please see the Getting Started Guide provided with the product or download the PDF shown at right.

Both the Helios 300 and the Helios 650 have 11' power cords attached with an inline power switch. The Helios 300 (top) also includes an inline dimmer control.

The attractive, heavy-duty Helios 3-Point Lighting Kit deluxe carry bag has wheels for easy transport, carry handles on top and sides, a business card pocket for easy identification when travelling, interior zippered pockets for small accessories, as well as reconfigureable velcro pads to protect the lights and accessories inside.

Each kit also contains three easy-setup industry-standard heavy-duty 8' light stands so that you can mount your lights wherever you need them and get shooting as soon as possible.

Installing the included tungsten bulb in each Helios light is quick and easy. The cavity door of the light swings wide open in order to let you access the lamp socket inside. For complete details on installation, please see the Getting Started Guide provided with the product or download the PDF shown at right.

The Helios 3-Point Lighting Kit is a perfect complete lighting solution for shooting on location in tight spaces. The three lights provide more than enough illumination for a typical talking head situation and moving and altering the amount and quality of light thrown on your subject is simple with the included scrims, barndoors and adjustable light stands included in the kit.

Helios3PointLightingKit Helios3PointLightingKit Helios3PointLightingKit Helios3PointLightingKit Helios3PointLightingKit
Helios 3 Point Lighting Kit
  • 1 300W Helios 300 Compact Tungsten Fresnel Light (11' cord with inline switch & dimmer)
  • 2 650W Helios 650 Compact Tungsten Fresnel Lights (11' cord with inline switch)
  • 3 8' Light Stands
  • 1 Small 4-Leaf Barndoor Accessory
  • 2 Large 4-Leaf Barndoor Accessories
  • 1 Heavy-Duty Padded Wheeled Deluxe Carry Case
  • 2 650W Lamp Bulbs, 1 300W Lamp Bulb

Helios Scrim Kit: One 5" Full Single Wire Scrim, one 5" Full Double Wire Scrim, two 6 5/8" Full Single Wire Scrims, two 6 5/8" Full Double Wire Scrims, one zippered Helios Scrim Kit Wallet
Rating: Helios 300: 300 Watts, Helios 650: 650 Watts
Lamp Socket: GY9.5
Lens: Helios 300: 3.2" (80 mm) Fresnel, Helios 650: 4.3" Fresnel
Reflector: Spherical specular aluminum
Mounting: 5/8" (16 mm) stand mount
Yoke: Attaches to any 5/8" (16 mm) stud
Cable: 11' (3.4 m) cable with inline switch (Helios 650) or inline switch & dimmer (Helios 300)
Focusing: Worm-gear driven
Light Stands: 8'
Weights: Helios 3-Point Lighting Kit - 57.8 lbs (26.2kg), Carry Case (Empty) - 19 lbs (8.6kg), Light Stand (x3) - 5.6 lbs (2.5kg), Sm Barndoor (x1) - 1 lb (.45kg), Lg Barndoor (x2) - 1.2 lbs (.54kg), Helios 300 - 4.4 lbs (2.0 kg), Helios 650 - 6.5 lbs (2.9 kg), Helios Scrim Kit (with scrims) - 1.2 lbs (.54kg)
Dimensions: Helios 3-Point Lighting Kit in Carry Case: 41 x 14 x 12" (104 x 35.6 x 30.5 cm)

How does a Fresnel light work?

The Fresnel lens is a glass or plastic lens with concentric ripples that are visible on the front of the light. The lens focuses light by tilting each concentric ring slightly more towards the center as the distance is increased from the center of the lens, resulting in soft even illumination across the light's beam with smooth transitions from the hot spot to the unlit zone. Compared to conventional bulkier lenses, the Fresnel lens is much thinner, larger, flatter and captures more oblique light from a light source. The slight dimpled surface on the inside of the lens helps to scatter any chromatic aberration as well as helping to break up the light passing through the lens to give the Fresnel light its characteristic soft beam. The intensity of the light is consistent across the spread of the beam of light, as opposed to being less intense around the edges and the stepped lens design causes less heat buildup than a flat lens of the same angle.

Fresnel lights use a spherical reflector, with the filament of the lamp bulb at the focus point of the reflector. The reflector doubles the light output of the bulb, since any light that is emitted backwards into the reflector is reflected back through the filament of the lamp and out the front. The lamp and reflector are a fixed unit inside the light housing but they can be moved back and forth to focus the light using a worm-gear track driven by a dial in the back of the unit.

What are the advantages to using these lights?

The Helios Fresnel series is ideal for use where compact, lightweight tungsten spotlights are required. They are the perfect solution in small studios where ceiling height is an issue or for carrying with you to shoot on location. The light's compact aluminum construction maximizes body strength while maintaining a light weight which is ideal for a portable kit. Despite their small size, the short focal length lens on these lights provides a wider lighting angle, offering more light output and a better distribution of light over the full beam area. The Fresnel lens is designed to gather as much light as possible and aim it through the lens to produce a soft, even field of light. The look of the light it produces is one of beautifully smooth transitions, from the hot spot to the unlit zone. The worm-gear driven focus mechanism lets you alter the light from a tight spot to a broad flood with the twist of one knob.

Quick Start Guide

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