Overview A compact ultra-portable flexible arm for mounting small accessories to your camera or rig

The Digital Juice 7-Inch Articulating Arm is a sturdy, compact multipurpose jointed accessory arm that can be used to mount displays, lights, microphones or other small accessories on prosumer and professional camcorders and rigs. The unit consists of two short equal length pivoting arms on a central joint. At the end of each arm is another pivoting joint with a 1/4-20 screw mount end. Each joint can be adjusted independently and then all 3 joints can be simultaneously locked down using the single central locking knob. Either end of the articulating arm can be used to attach accessories or to mount the arm to your camera, tripod, C-stand or other gear.

Moving a mounted display or light on multiple axes is quick and easy with a simple twist of the central adjustment knob, allowing users to find the best possible viewing or lighting angle. The included shoe mount adapter accessory fits on any standard shoe mount to hold accessories above the camera or you can attach the articulating arm to the optional Digital Juice Mini Clamp for even more mounting flexibility. Clamp the arm to your tripod to hold your viewfinder monitor or extra lighting and easily adjust for any angle or height required. Because of its smaller size, this 7" arm reduces the torque on your hot shoe, clamp and arm joints, especially when used with a heavier item. This results in less shake when shooting and less wear and tear on your gear. It is also a great option for stacking together several Digital Juice MiniBurst 128 and 256 LED lights.

Product Indepth A compact flexible articulating arm that can be used to mount a wide variety of accessories

The Digital Juice 7-Inch Articulating Arm has 1/4-20 screw connectors on the pivoting end joints of both arms. It also comes standard with a shoe mount adapter which can be attached to either end. To adjust the positioning of accessories connected to the arm, you just loosen the central locking knob, adjust the position of all three pivoting joints, and then lock down the adjustment by re-tightening the center knob, which affects all three joints so they remain in the desired position.

The included shoe mount adapter fits onto any standard camera shoe mount so that you can hang monitors, lights or other accessories from your camera, but out of your sight lines. The bottom section of the shoe mount adapter also unscrews so that it can be used separately to mount accessories directly to the camera if needed.

The small size of the compact 7-inch arm is ideal for stacking several MiniBurst LED lights together without getting in the way.

The Digital Juice 7-inch Articulating Arm also attaches easily to the optional Digital Juice Mini Clamp. This handy and lightweight clamp allows you to attach accessories via the Articulating Arm from your tripod leg, camera rig rails, a table edge or even a tree branch when shooting on the go.

With equal length on both sides of the center locking joint, the 7-inch Digital Juice Articulating Arm has better strength and balance and can hold accessories up to 5lbs in place firmly and easily. You can attach the articulating arm to a wide range of cameras via the 1/4"(0.635 cm)-20 top and bottom screws or the included shoe mount adapter.

The Articulating Arm provides horizontal, vertical as well as tilt adjustments for a wide variety of attached accessories. For example, you can attach portable LED lights and monitors to the top of your camera or the side of your tripod leg (using the optional Mini Clamp accessory) to improve your view of the action and light it more efficiently. Or if you buy more than one arm, you can do both. Because the arm unit is so lightweight (7 oz / 198g) it is extremely portable and adding several to your camera bag will give you flexibility without weighing you down.

Length, Fully Extended: 7.25" (18.4cm) - with shoe mount adapter, 5.875" (14.9cm) - without shoe mount adapter
Mounting Compatibility: 1/4" (0.635cm)-20 Screw Mount & Shoe Mount
Maximum Load Capacity: up to 5 lbs (2.27kg)
Weight: 7 oz (198g)
Materials: Durable solid aluminum construction