Digital Juice Master Rig

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Overview Ultimate adjustability in a professional level shoulder mount DSLR camera rig

The Digital Juice Master Rig is a powerful and versatile tool for any DSLR owner, from the serious hobbyist to the Indie filmmaker to the run-and-gun ENG shooter. Anyone who wants to shoot professional video using a DSLR understands that keeping the camera as stable as possible is a must. DSLRs present a number of obstacles when shooting video. Keeping your handheld camera stable and smooth enough to prevent wobble and skew effects (due to a CMOS camcorder's rolling shutter technology) can be nearly impossible. Focusing manually on the run, or producing a smooth rack focus, without shaking the camera is very difficult. Flagging your camera lens requires some creativity, while adding multiple filters and adjusting them can be a nightmare.

With the DJ Master Rig, all of these problems are solved and getting professional looking video from your DSLR is as easy as it can get. This pro-level camera rig is comprised of three main components: the Digital Juice Matte Box PRO, the Digital Juice Follow Focus PRO and the cage and 15-mm rail system to which you mount both your camera and these PRO accessories. The 40-piece set can be configured in just about any way to suit your needs. There are multiple industry standard 1/4-20 threaded attachment points to accommodate mounting audio recorders, microphones, monitors and anything else you can imagine. You can configure the components as a simple lightweight shoulder rig for run-and-gun style shooting, as a full studio rig for short or feature films or for anything in-between that you might need. There is no right or wrong way to assemble or configure the rig.

Product Indepth Essential components, maximum flexibility, high-quality construction & ergonomic comfort

Every aspect of the DJ Master Rig can be configured to your exact shooting requirements. Every part of the shoulder mount system can be adjusted to your body size and position while the matte box, follow focus and camera plate components can be adjusted to accept a wide variety of cameras, lenses and accessories.

The DJ Matte Box PRO included with the Master Rig has detachable top and side-wing flags (with bayonets to lock the flags in tightly) as well as two universal 360-degree rotating filter stages and two filter trays that support both 4x4" and 4x5.65" filter sizes. Its built-in swing-away arm makes changing lenses a breeze. Included rubber donuts help stop light leaks by connecting your lens to the matte box.

The DJ Follow Focus PRO is a gear-driven follow focus device which allows for repeatable highly accurate focus pulls. It has a 15mm rod quick-mount adapter, three adjustable lens gear belts, a reversible follow focus drive gear to accommodate different length lenses and a wet-erase type china wheel allowing you to mark accurate start and end points for your focus pulls. Behind the china wheel, adjustable A-B hard stops help protect your lens from overcranking and provide quick repeatable racking between two points. The follow focus unit is also accompanied by a 16-inch focus whip, a 10-inch focus whip and a focus crank.

  • DJ Follow Focus PRO (with 3 adjustable lens gear belts, a 16-inch focus whip, a 10-inch focus whip and a focus crank)
  • DJ Matte Box PRO (matte box with 2 filter stage trays, 1 swing-away rod adapter arm, 2 side wing flags, 1 top or eyebrow flag, 2 filter tray adapters, 4 neoprene lens surround donuts, 2 hex keys/Allen keys)
  • 15-mm adjustable rail & cage system with base plate adapter, quick-release base plate, 2 hinged front hand grips, shoulder pad, C-arm, top handle, vertical accessory plate, counterbalance weight & adapter
  • Deluxe rolling storage case
Dimensions: 21"h x 16.5"w x 16"d / 53.3cm x 41.9cm x 40.6cm (Master Rig in Deluxe Rolling Storage Case - handle down); 40.5"h x 16.5"w x 16"d / 102.9cm x 41.9cm x 40.6cm (Master Rig in Deluxe Rolling Storage Case - handle extended)
Weights: 26.6 lbs / 12.1kg (complete Master Rig in Deluxe Rolling Storage Case); 11.2 lbs / 5.1kg (complete Master Rig setup with all components assembled and installed)
Follow Focus PRO
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The Master Rig's cage and 15mm rail system has a base plate assembly consisting of two pieces. The height adjustable base plate adapter can accommodate a variety of different size cameras and lenses and has both 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 threaded bottom holes so that you can attach it easily to any tripod. The quick-release plate has both 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 tie-downs and can be attached from the front or rear of the base plate adapter.

The cage and rail support system in the Master Rig includes a C-arm and top handle which provides additional protection for your camera as well as a comfortable way to carry your rig. The top handle also allows you to achieve steady low-angle shots.

Two front handles are fully adjustable and have geared joints to keep them secure under the weight of your camera and lens. These handles have finned rubber grips to give your hands maximum comfort and traction.

At the rear of the Master Rig, behind the thick padded foam shoulder cushion, is where you will want to mount the counterbalance weight, and/or the vertical accessory plate for additional accessories such as batteries or portable hard drives.

All of the components for the DJ Master Rig fit into the included deluxe rolling case. This case has an aluminum exterior, wheels for easy rolling, two carry handles and a two-stage telescoping handle for rolling. Inside it has one-inch custom form-fitted foam padding to keep the pieces from moving or damaging each other. The case closes with two locking latches (keys included) to keep your rig safe and secure.

Whether you need to mount your camera to a tripod for interviews, move it around for action shots or get specialty shots with a low-angle perspective, the DJ Master Rig can help you stabilize and protect your camera and accessories. The various lightweight components included with the rig also help control the light hitting your camera lens and assure you get smooth focus pulls. Plus, the whole rig can be adjusted for the most ergonomic and efficient fit for you and your camera.