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Digital Juice DJ7HDLCDMonitor

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Overview Step back from the camera to frame, focus & capture the action with this HD LCD field monitor

The Digital Juice DJ7HD 7" LCD Monitor, is a high-quality HD/SD portable DSLR field monitor that combines compact size, light weight and affordability with a range of video source inputs and advanced features. Providing intuitive onscreen controls and a crisp 800 x 480 resolution this monitor will help you keep your DSLR shots sharp, perfectly framed, and in focus. Designed to be used as an external video display, this HD monitor unit allows you to step back from the camera to frame and capture the action in comfort without having to look through the camera's built-in viewfinder. It converts the image you would normally see on your tiny built-in camera screen to a much larger display that enables easier viewing and won't strain your eyes. An external display monitor is especially ideal in extreme high or low angle shots where it might be hard to access the viewfinder or when you are using a jib, crane or dolly to capture your footage.

This monitor has multiple video input options (Component, Composite, and HDMI) allowing it to be used with almost any video-capable camera or camcorder. It also has HDMI In/Out loopthrough and audio In/Out, allowing it to fit into just about any production workflow or situation. Since the monitor is equipped with a standard Sony NP-F type battery plate, you can use your existing camera batteries as well as the supplied Li-ion rechargeable battery. An AC power adapter is included for when you need to plug in on longer shoots and a mini hotshoe ballhead stand allows you to attach and adjust the monitor directly on your camera if desired. A sun shade makes shooting outside on location much easier and to protect your monitor in transport or storage, it comes enveloped in a custom-made lightweight soft neoprene cover.

KeyFeatures 7-Inch screen,800x480 resolution, rechargeable battery & charger, multiple Input options & more
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  • Large 7" screen with crisp 800x480 HD Resolution
  • Frame the action and pull focus with confidence with this camera-mountable HD LCD field monitor. The compact design and sharp high resolution display make it an essential tool for on-the-go videographers and photographers.
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • The light weight and small footprint of this monitor make it easy to attach just about anywhere for best viewing and it adds less than 3 pounds to your gear kit, even with battery and accessories.
  • Standard rechargeable Li-Ion Sony NP-F type battery and charger unit included
  • The DJ7HD can run, cable-free, on a regular Sony NP-F type rechargeable battery so you can travel far from an available power source without worrying about missing a shot. Use your existing compatible camera batteries interchangeably with both the DJ7HD and Digital Juice's MiniBurst lights for a truly portable solution.
  • AC Power Adapter included
  • Power your monitor from a standard wall socket when necessary on longer production shoots.
  • HDMI, component & composite video input, HDMI In/Out loopthrough, audio In/Out and a built-in speaker on the front of the monitor.
  • You have a variety of options for connecting your monitor and making it a part of your production workflow. The kit also includes a mini HDMI cable so you can get up and running with your monitor immediately.
  • Mini hotshoe ballhead stand included for on-camera use
  • This tiny ball head mount allows you to attach your monitor directly to the top of your camera and to adjust it to the perfect angle for better viewing.
  • Kit also includes sun shade and soft neoprene cover
  • The included sun shade lets you see your monitor screen more clearly when shooting outdoors in natural sunlight while the high-quality custom-made neoprene cover protects your monitor in storage and transport.
Product Indepth A compact lightweight DSLR LCD field monitor kit offering a crisp 800 x 480 HD resolution, plus all the accessories you need to start shooting
  • The compact and portable design of this 7" HD monitor makes it an essential tool for on-the-go videographers and photographers. You can frame the action and pull focus with more confidence when you have the high-resolution sharp images on the screen of this lightweight easy-view unit as a guide.

  • You can mount the DJHD7 directly to the top of your camera using the provided mini ball head shoe mount, or to a variety of other viewing positions, such as the leg of a tripod, using an articulating arm and mini clamp combination.

  • You can power your monitor cable-free with the included standard rechargeable lithium ion Sony NP-F type battery. The package includes one battery and battery charger unit and uses the same standard Sony camera batteries used on our MiniBurst LED lights.

  • The included AC power adapter allows you to use the DJ7HD plugged into a regular wall outlet when necessary on longer production shoots.

  • The DJ7HD ships with a mini HDMI cable so that you can get connected and up and running immediately. However it also accepts component and composite inputs.
  • Store, transport and protect your monitor screen with its high quality custom-made soft neoprene case.

  • The included sun shade attaches to the monitor with 2 twist-on screw fasteners, providing improved viewing of the monitor when shooting outdoors or in bright light.

  • Onscreen controls include adjustments and settings for brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature, Color to Black & White switching, sound and much more.

The compact size, high resolution and affordability of the DJ7HD LCD Field Monitor comes with a range of common inputs and features such as HDMI loopthrough. The crisp 800 x 480 resolution on this external video display is more than sufficient to help you keep your shots sharp, perfectly framed, and in focus on any type of DSLR shoot. Step back from the camera to frame and capture the action in comfort.

  • 7" DJ7HD LCD Monitor
  • Mini-HDMI cable
  • AC Power adapter
  • Sun Shade with 2 sun shade fasteners
  • Mini-hotshoe ballhead stand
  • 1 Sony F550/F970 battery
  • Battery charger unit
  • Allen key
  • Custom-made neoprene monitor cover
Size: 7.4" x 5.2" x 1.6" / 188 x 131 x 41mm
Weight: 1.4 lbs / 635g (monitor alone in neoprene cover); 2 lbs / 907g (monitor with battery attached); 3.6 lbs / 1.6kg (monitor plus all accessories)
Panel Size: 7" TFT LCD
Dot Resolution: 800x480 pixel
Dot pitch: 0.05mm(w) x 0.15mm(h)
Brightness: 400cd/m²
Contrast: 500:1
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Display ratio: 16:9 / 4:3 (adjustable)
Backlight: LED
Viewing Angle: 70°/70° (L/R), 50°/60° (U/D)
Signal input: HDMI ,YPbPr, VIDEO1, VIDEO2, Audio
Signal output: HDMI, Audio
Input formats supported (HDMI & YPbPr): 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Color System: PAL-4.43; NTSC-3.58
Operating Voltage: DC 7V-12V
Power Consumption: ≤8W
Operating Temperature: -20°C~55°C
Storage Temperature: -30 °C~65°C
Power Adapter: Plug Type - US; Input - 100~240V; 50/60Hz; Output - 12V, 1.2A

What features differentiate this LCD monitor from other monitors on the market?

The most important feature that makes this monitor stand out is the crisp 1024 x 600 HD resolution on a 7" lightweight ultra-portable unit. With this resolution you can get a much clearer view of how to frame and focus your shots. The excellent connectivity options - with HDMI, component and composite inputs - also mean you can hook this monitor to just about any camera you might be using. Finally, this monitor kit includes a standard rechargeable Li-Ion Sony NP-F type battery and charger unit, a bonus value of over $60 that most manufacturers offer as an additional accessory. Plus, because the monitor uses this common battery type (also used for our MiniBurst LED lights) you will often be able to use your existing camera batteries for the monitor as well.

Quick Start Guide

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