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Overview 1500W of hotlight equivalent power in 3 lightweight cool-running fluorescent fixtures

When high output, energy efficiency, low cost and minimal heat are priorities, you need the power of the Digital Juice Aura Three-Point Lighting Kit. The three fluorescent lights in this compact kit deliver the equivalent of 1500W of hotlight power while still providing the energy efficiency and soft flicker-free lighting you need in a complete portable lighting solution for your next photo or video project. This versatile cool-running lighting kit works perfectly for everything from talking head interviews and product shots in confined spaces to larger scale productions in a studio environment.

The Aura kit includes 3 DJ-110HM fluorescent light fixtures, each with its own built-in two-way barn doors and attached gooseneck mounting assembly. Three lightweight light stands are also provided, as is an attractive compact deluxe carry bag so that you can easily transport and store your lights and stands when not in use.

KeyFeatures Three cool, powerful soft lights in a lightweight compact kit with light stands included
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  • 3 fixtures with gooseneck mounts and bulbs, 3 light stands and a stylish compact carry bag
  • You have everything you need to light a wide variety of scenes in one lightweight compact 3-point lighting kit weighing just under 27 pounds and carried in a compact stylish deluxe carry bag measuring 27" x 10" x 9".
  • Cool running fixtures with minimal heat output
  • You won't overheat the talent or the room and your hands won't burn when you touch the light units or their barn doors to make adjustments.
  • Two 5400K daylight-balanced 55W Biax fluorescent bulbs per light
  • You get soft even flicker-free fluorescent lighting with a natural look
  • Powerful 500W equivalent per Aura light
  • Hotlight equivalent of 1500W of lighting power with 3 energy-efficient, cool-running, portable fixtures.
  • Energy efficient Aura fluorescent lights have a low power draw of 100.6W per fixture.
  • You get the same amount of lighting power as a 500w incandescent softbox without the high power draw & excessive heat that comes with an incandescent fixture. Plus, a 6000 hour lamp life makes the fixture virtually maintenance-free.
  • Each lightweight Aura light fixture, with gooseneck mount & bulbs installed, weighs in at just under 4 lbs.
  • The Aura 3-point lighting kit is easy to transport and deploy in cramped, confined or limited spaces. The lightweight construction of fixtures and stands helps reduce damage to equipment and injury to staff during setup and shooting.
  • Attached gooseneck mounting arm
  • Flexible easy light placement in nearly any position or situation
  • Built-in two-way barn doors for light control
  • You can control the direction & amount of light coming from each Aura fixture without adding any additional gear & without burning your hands.
  • 3 lightweight 6 ft light stands
  • With a max height of 6 ft & a max weight capacity of 12 lbs, these aluminum light stands are both portable & durable enough for most shooting environments.
  • 3x DJ-110HM lighting fixtures
    (each with built-in two-way barndoors and two 55w biax fluorescent lamps in 5400K)
  • 3x 6' light stands
    (each in their own soft cloth carry bag)
  • 6 replacement lamp fuses
  • 1 sturdy deluxe carry bag for the complete kit

Dimensions: 22.3" x 6.6" x 2.9"/56.6cm x 16.8cm x 7.4cm (per light head); 27" x 10" x 9"/68.6cm x 25.4cm x 22.9cm (complete kit in bag)
Weight: 4 lbs/1.8 kg (per fixture with bulbs & gooseneck mount attached); 2.6 lbs/1.2kg (per light stand); 27 lbs/12.2kg (complete kit in deluxe carry bag)
Bulb Type: 2 x 55W Biax Fluorescent Lamps per fixture
Hot Light equivalent: 500W per fixture
CRI: >90
Brightness: 3ft/2250 lux
Color Temperature: 5400K
Voltage: 100-130VAC
Lamp Life: approx. 6,000 hrs
Mounting Assembly: Gooseneck arm with 5/8" attachment end
Frequency Range: 25kHz - 50kHz
Dimming: No
Power Draw: 100.6W @116VAC

What is the ideal studio or shooting environment for this kit?

Minimum heat and low power draw make this lighting kit ideal for small rooms and confined setups. The cool-running lamps can even be held in a helper's hands if necessary and are lightweight enough to be mounted to a wall or shelf using a small articulating arm/mini clamp combo or suction cup mount.

When I read that a light has a "500W hotlight equivalent," what does that mean?

The DJ-110HM puts out the same amount of light as a 500W incandescent softbox such as a Chimera, Photo Flex or Westcott lighting fixture, but it does so with a much more energy efficient cool-running light fixture.

At their fully extended range of 6 feet, what is the maximum weight the light stands can hold? Fully extended, the 6 foot stands can hold up to 12lbs. The lights weigh just 4.1 pounds each so they are very stable on the stands.

Quick Start Guide

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Product Indepth Everything you need to light a wide variety of scenes in one lightweight compact 3-point lighting kit

The Aura three-point lighting kit provides everything you need to light any scene, in studio or on location. Kit includes: 3 Aura light fixtures, each with 2x 55W biax fluorescent 5400K bulbs, attached gooseneck arm and two-way barn doors, 3 lightweight light stands, and an attractive deluxe carry bag which transports and stores the whole kit.

Cool running lights won't burn hands when adjusting position of fixture and barn doors. They are also cool enough for an assistant to hold them for your shots when necessary. The attached flexible gooseneck mount arm makes for easier light placement in any shooting situation.

Each Aura light provides 500W of soft even hotlight-equivalent power. Combining three lights on your subject means you can have complete coverage for key, fill and back lighting for everything from product shots to interviews and more.

Each Aura light fixture contains two 5400K daylight-balanced 55W biax fluorescent bulbs, each with a lamp life of approximately 6000 hours.

Built-in two-way barn doors allow you to control the direction and amount of light coming from each Aura fixture.

A stylish compact deluxe carry bag is included with the Aura 3-point lighting kit. It includes a padded shoulder strap, built-in carry handles and three separate zippered compartments - one for each light and stand set.

The light weight and compact size of both fixtures and stands mean you can easily transport and use the Aura lights just about anywhere - from a cramped corporate office to an awkward on location spot. Aura fixtures are even light enough to attach to a shelf or wall with a suction mount or articulating arm when necessary.

With a maximum height of 6 feet and a maximum weight capacity of 12 pounds, the 3 provided aluminum light stands are both portable and durable enough for most shooting environments. Mounting an Aura light fixture is as easy as sliding the receiving end of the attached gooseneck arm onto the mounting stud on the top of the stand and tightening the knob. Each stand is provided with its own soft cloth carry bag to keep it clean and protect it from damage during transport and storage in the deluxe carry bag.

The versatile cool-running Aura 3-point lighting kit works perfectly for everything from talking head interviews and product shots in confined spaces to larger scale productions in a studio environment. Because of their light weight, minimal heat and low power draw these energy-efficient lights are ideal when shooting on the go, or in situations where power and AC capabilities are unknown or unreliable.