Digital Juice Orbit Junior
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Professional curved or straight tracking shots from an ideal portable dolly platform

If you're on a budget or need to travel light, the Digital Juice Orbit Junior is the perfect portable easy-to-use way to improve the quality of your shots. Weighing just over 2lbs and measuring barely over a foot in width, the Orbit Junior easily fits into any camera bag. But don't let the small footprint fool you. This is a very versatile product that can serve a multitude of uses and drastically improve the production quality of your footage.

Constructed with matte-black anodized high-quality aluminum, the Orbit Junior is both lightweight and strong. It can hold anything from a DSLR camera up to a larger video camera with its roomy baseplate and a maximum load capacity of 18 lbs. The 65mm durable polyurethene skate wheels are also sturdy, with high quality bearings that produce smooth movement on any flat surface. Each wheel can be rotated up to 180 degrees. In the center of the Orbit Junior is a 1/4"-20 mounting pin with an additional 3/8" threaded adapter, allowing you the option to mount a ball head, high-hat or the tripod head of your choice. In addition there are three 1/4"-20 threaded holes on the mounting plate for attaching additional accessories such as an articulating arm, small LED light or LCD monitor.

The Orbit Junior is perfect for creating interesting camera moves around your talent, for shooting products on a tabletop, or even for tracking a moving subject along the floor. Using the degree markings on the baseplate, setting a rotation angle is fast, precise and repeatable. By setting the wheels in a straight pattern, the Orbit Junior can also act as a slider dolly with an infinite sliding distance. Whether you use a counter top, table, shelf or smooth floor surface, this compact three wheel dolly will give you high quality, stable tracking and arcing shots, whether on location or in the studio.


Steady, continuous light that is bright, cool, dimmable & portable
Orbit Junior
Materials: Anodized black high grade aluminum base and thumbscrew knobs, 65mm/2.5" polyurethane inline-skate style wheels with fluid sealed ball bearings
Dimensions: Baseplate - 11.25"/28.6cm per side, .75"/1.9cm from ground to top of baseplate, 6.375"/16.2cm distance from center mount to outer edge at wheel, .2"/5mm baseplate thickness; Baseplate plus Wheels - approx. 13.75"/35cm per side, approx. 7.5"/19cm distance from center mount to outside of wheel; Wheels - 2.5"/65mm diameter, .75"/1.9cm thickness
Mounts: 1 central and 3 peripheral 1/4"-20 mounts plus 1/4"-20 mounting pin and additional 3/8" threaded adapter
Weight: 2.07 lbs/.94kg


Lightweight sturdy construction, versatile smooth straight or curved shots

The Orbit Junior platform is extendable beyond providing a tracking camera mount. Its 1/4"-20 mounting pin and additional 3/8" threaded adapter ensure you have a wide variety of mounting options. The camera can be mounted to the base on the end of an articulating arm, mounted to a high hat adapter or placed on top of a compatible ball head to give you more flexibility and precision with your camera angle. You can even mount the tripod head of your choice to the platform for even more control. The top of the Orbit Junior platform is only 0.75" above the ground, meaning you can get some extremely low profile shots for a more dramatic effect.

The additional three 1/4"-20 mounts can be used for adjustable articulating arms holding a variety of accessories including clamps, LED lights, monitors and viewfinders.

The entire lightweight triangular Orbit Junior unit is made with high quality materials and offers an amazingly sturdy and stable smooth-rolling platform. The total weight of the unit is just over 2 lbs. The base plate and thumbscrew knobs are made of high quality aluminum with a matte black anodized finish. The 65mm/2.5" polyurethane inline-skate style wheels have fluid sealed ball bearings and an attractive stylish look.

The three adjustable wheels on the Orbit Junior can be set to allow you to track in straight or curved lines. The arc of the motion can be set (using the three locking thumbscrew adjustment knobs) for straight lines, broad open curves or for motion in a full 360 degree circle around the subject. Each wheel can be rotated up to 180 degrees. The hash marks printed on the surface of the baseplate allow you to mark each wheel's placement for more repeatable and dependable arced motion.

The ergonomic hand-hold cutouts on each edge of the baseplate provide a convenient way to carry and lift the unit from location to location, even when fully loaded with gear.

The Orbit Junior is compatible with a wide variety of cameras, from point and shoots and DSLRs up to a full professional rig on a tripod fluid head. The 18 lb maximum load capacity leaves lots of room for experimenting to get the correct mix of gear to get the best shot from this unique platform.

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The Orbit Junior gives the videographer the opportunity for unique cinematic shots that would not be possible otherwise. It can add professional style to an otherwise mundane product shot or add drama by allowing you to get closer or shoot from a lower angle than any other tracking device would allow.

When the wheels are set for arced motion, the Orbit Junior is perfect for creating interesting camera moves up to 360 degrees around your talent or for shooting products or talent from a tabletop or desk. By setting the wheels in a straight pattern, the Orbit Junior can also act as a slider dolly with an infinite sliding distance, providing you with a stable shake-free platform for a subtle straightforward tracking shot or allowing you to track a moving subject along the floor.