Digital Juice C-Stand Set

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Overview Pretty near indispensable, the c-stand stand is a must-have for every studio

While most camera equipment and computer technology changes yearly, the unheralded c-stand stand is one piece of equipment that hasn't changed a lot in the last 30-40 years. And yet, it is still one of the most crucial and versatile pieces of equipment you will ever own. Commonly known as a "C-Stand", short for "Century" Stand, these grip stands were originally used in the early days of film production to support 100-inch reflectors to direct the sun's light onto the actors. Now almost ubiquitous on every film or video production set because of its modular flexibility, the versatile c-stand is used in combination with heads and extension arms to achieve a wide variety of different lighting and light modification setups including supporting various reflectors, flags, color gels and bounce cards in front of light sources to block, direct, or modify the characteristics of the light for different shooting situations.

The Digital Juice C-Stand Set includes the century stand, two 3" (gobo) heads and a 40" long 5/8" extension arm. The sleek all-metal black electro-coat c-stand has a 50.25" center section with 2 risers and a three-leg detachable "turtle" base that is easily removed for transport and storage. The stand can extend from a minimum of just over 5 feet to a maximum of 10 1/2 feet in height. The 5/8" standard Baby Pin on top of the stand can be used to mount most standard photo/video light heads to the base directly. However, by attaching the included gobo head, just about any piece of lighting or gear can be accommodated. The c-stand extension arm and second head work together to act as a boom or to support a multitude of other reflector, gobo or light setups. The c-stand heads and extension arm can also be detached and used on other light stands. All parts of the stand are adjusted via applied torque using ergonomic T-shaped handles.

KeyFeatures Staggered tripod base, standard "Baby" sizing and durable construction
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  • Detachable staggered three-legged turtle base
  • The staggered leg design allows stands to be nested and placed extremely close to one another, either on set in multiple lighting setups or when stacked upright for storage. The base can also easily be removed and legs can fold flat for easy storage and transport.
  • 5/8" "Baby" pin at top of stand and 3" c-stand head with female 5/8" mount
  • Using industry standard sizes means greater compatibility with grip and lighting gear. The 5/8" Baby Pin mount is the standard for lights up to 1000 watts and most Junior-sized lighting equipment under 2000 Watts is also designed to fit this size pin.
  • Durable all-metal construction with attractive matte black electro-coat finish
  • Sturdy all metal construction provides solid support for a wide range of lighting and gear weights, without sacrificing portability. Black electro-coat finish resists all weather conditions for outdoor shooting and will not rust over time. It also gives the stands a sleek professional low-key look.
  • C-Stand or gobo heads have positive-locking grip teeth & 4 different gripping diameters in their receptacle channels
  • Just about any piece of gear can be mounted to the grip heads including extension arms, scrims, flags, cutters, color gels, bounce cards, small lights, cue cards, boom microphones and more.
Product Indepth Standard Baby Pin mounts, flexible c-stand head mounting options, sturdy all-metal construction

The staggered leg design of our c-stand allows stands to be placed close together in the limited confines of a busy production set. This allows you to easily place multiple lights, flags or reflectors together when needed.

The standard 5/8" mount grip head offers 4 different sized channels for holding a variety of different lighting and production gear.

The c-stand's top 5/8" Baby Pin can be used alone to mount small lights and accessories or in combination with a c-stand head and c-stand extension arm to support other gear.

Minimum Height: 66" / 155cm
Maximum Height: 125" / 317cm
Closed Length: Stand without legs - 56" (142cm), Arm - 40" (101.6cm)
Footprint Diameter: 34" (86.4cm)
Weight: 20.4 lbs/9.3kg (full stand set), 15.4 lbs/7kg (stand with legs), 1.6 lb/.73kg (grip head) x 2, 1.8lb/.82kg (extension arm)
Maximum Load: ~30 lbs (13.6kg)
Attachment Size: 5/8" (16mm) "Baby" stud pin
Material: Durable all metal construction

How does this C-Stand differ from my standard light stand?

C-Stands, or C-stands, go beyond mere supports for lightweight lighting. They can be used to support and suspend various items on any photo or video set. A more stable stance and substantial structure assures confidence in any rigging configuration . The "turtle leg" design allows a wide footprint for support, while allowing multiple stands to be placed in close proximity to one another.

Are these stands for studio use only?

No. These stands can be used in any environment from studio to on-location and even outdoors. The legs fold flat and the shaft detaches making transport a snap.

Are these stands for video or photography?

These stands are useful in either setting. Use them with soft-boxes, strobe lights and background supports for your photography set. Or attach your 2k light, flag or monitor, for instance, for any video production.

Do I receive a set of tools to assemble or disassemble the stands?

No tools are needed to set up or disassemble the stands. The stands use the attached torque knobs to assemble, disassemble and adjust the unit.

I've broken my fair share of lighting stands through the years. Are these stands able to stand up to more abuse?

These stands are considerably stronger than your conventional light stand. Rugged all-metal tubing and heavy-duty staggered turtle base legs, along with heavy duty torque grips, ensure many years of trouble-free performance.

I've noticed sandbag weights on the legs of c-stands in your pictures and in studios I have visited. Are these necessary?

This will depend on your rig configuration but weighting a stand is always a good practice. It becomes essential when your mounted item(s) are extended outside the area of the legs.

The c-stand extension arm also has 5/8" Baby Pin studs at both ends for direct attachment of compatible lights and hardware.

The c-stand extension arm and c-stand head work in tandem as a boom or support for larger lights or softboxes. Ergonomic T-shape handles are used to adjust positioning on all pieces of the c-stand set. By attaching your gear to the right or tightening side of the torque driven knobs, you can avoid the danger of knob loosening due to weight.

The Digital Juice C-SStand Set breaks down into 5 easy to transport pieces.

C-Stands are used for so many different tasks in the studio that it is hard to list them all. From holding a wide variety of light sizes and configurations, to acting as a stand for softboxes and monitors on set, the versatile c-stand is indispensable. Most busy sets, like the ones pictured, will have at least 5 or 6 stands at work at any one time.