OverviewVersatile gear that's indispensable in any production environment

Whether you're traveling or just want to take up less space on your shelf, the DJ2GO 40-DISC WALLET is the perfect way to keep your investment safe and easy to access. The faux leather wallet has a sturdy zipper and easily accommodates up to 40 DVDs or CDs. It looks beautiful on your shelf and is completely functional and compact on the road. The wallet is emblazoned with a beautiful silver foil Digital Juice logo.

FeaturesQuality construction, durable and portable storage for your discs
  • The DJ2GO Wallet is fabricated with a rexin body and nylon zipper.
  • Sewn with sturdy polyester thread and cut components of rexin fabric
  • Double-sided sleeve pages
  • Total number
    of sleeve
    pages: 10
  • Each page holds 4 discs
  • Price
  • Addtocart
  • COLOR: Black
  • LENGTH: 12 inches
  • WIDTH: 6.5 inches
  • SPINE WIDTH: 1.5 inches
Customer Reviews

"What a fabulous idea...just in the nick of time. Every year we do a series of on location, live productions for various conferences and in the past had to take a lot of the Digital Juice elements in a large plastic container...and then could not take it all. This handy little case will solve that problem very nicely. Again, a great idea!!!!!!
--William Bozarth, Interactive Video

"This exact item has been a hot topic in Forum and I FULLY intend on picking up a number of them! Now I just need to figure out how many discs I own."
-Shaun Roemich, Gearhead Visual Prods.

Finally, a compact solution to carrying around my Juice when going back and forth for specific projects. I just need to count how many discs I have and see how many cases I would need. Great timing Digital Juice. THANKS! Thanks for padding it also."
- Jerry Jones, JGJ Media

"I love these cases.. I have 8 of these filled up completely and I still need about 12 more to finish my DJ collection. The case looks, feels and works great. I use them for other cds and other things too."
-- Franco Soodeen, via DJ Comments