Digital Juice Slyder Dolly 64" - Portable Linear Tracking Solution with Free Deluxe Carry Bag
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A brief introduction to the versatile and affordable Slyder Dolly.


Add production value to your shoot & get more creative shots when you use the Slyder Dolly

The Slyder Dolly is a portable linear-sliding mini-dolly tracking solution for camera rigs up to an optimum weight of 30 lbs. Weighing in at 10 pounds, and with a width of just under 5", the 64" Slyder Dolly units is supremely portable, allowing you to get those quick, smooth short-run dolly shots without having to carry a full dolly system and track. The unit is constructed from custom extruded high-grade aluminum with integrated rails and stylish chromed end caps. Its anodized body gives it a long-lasting and smooth finish that is easy to maintain and clean.The dolly can be used on many surfaces - including tabletop, ground-level and tripod - to create smooth camera movements on a horizontal, angled or vertical axis.

Whether you're an established pro or just getting started, the Slyder Dolly is a great way to add production value to your shoot. It provides you with the flexibility you need to capture an almost limitless variety of tracking shots using a wide variety of camera setups. Its size makes it more flexible to use in small rooms, where you can change the position of the camera relative to your subject faster than moving a whole tripod. Achieving something like the perfect “reveal shot” is quick and easy. You can create beautiful transitions between scenes or subtle intro shots with a straightforward side-on tracking shot of your subject. Or you can be more dramatic when the Slyder Dolly is used low to the ground or at an angle - almost like a small jib. You can also point the track at the subject and use the movement to bring items in and out of focus. The optional C-Stand Adapters also make it easy to angle and rotate the camera to different positions for more creative slide and pan effects.

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Check out just how smooth and professional you can make your video with a side on tracking shot on the Slyder Dolly. Setup shown uses the 40" Slyder Dolly with optional High Hat and Adjustable Leveling Legs.


64" Slyder Dolly
Length: 64 5/16"
Width: 4 11/16"
Height: 3"
Weight: 7 lbs
Camera Travel Distance: 58.5"
Weight Capacity: up to 80 lbs, 30 lbs optimum*

Materials: Extruded high-grade anodized aluminum (body/rails);
high-performance stainless steel bearings (trolley);
chromed end caps; rubber bumpers


In use at Juice

Custom extruded aircraft-grade 6000 series aluminum channel with integrated rails resists wear and eliminates flex in the unit. The anodized finish ensures a scratch-free rugged surface.

Trolley unit rides on 8 oil-filled bearings, selected for their harmonic match to the custom C channel to minimize sound, as well as for their ultra-smooth movement on the rails. The two-tiered bearing design also allows for inverted operation.

In use at Juice
In use at Juice

Trolley plate allows for quick and easy installation of multiple accessory attachments such as articulating arms, LCD monitors, microphones, ball head adapters, quick release plates, high hats and more.

In use at Juice

The integrated brake/damping system allows for "parking" the trolley when not in use, plus it creates variable resistance to movement to create smoother slow shots.

In use at Juice
In use at Juice

No cast parts used. All parts were created by, or specifically for, Digital Juice one at a time on a CNC Mill or lathe. Each unit was then tuned, assembled and tested by hand by Digital Juice staff engineers. Total development time was 18 months from start to finish.

Flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of camera rigs and shooting setups from side-on to angled to vertical.

In use at Juice
In use at Juice
In use at Juice

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There is no one word reply to this question. The system can smoothly move well over 100 pounds. However, it is how this weight is distributed that sets the maximum limit. A relatively light DSLR camera with more weight in front from a telephoto lens will tend to be less stable than a heavier decked-out Red camera with better weight balance from front to back.

After much research, we discovered that a smooth shot was not possible using a belt driven hand crank. We discovered that because your arm uses two separate muscle groups during each revolution, there is a visible acceleration and deceleration in the shot. We decided that a more consistent shot can be achieved using just the one muscle group employed when your hand slides the trolley across the rails.

Whenever a part is machined instead of cast it generally means that accuracy has not been sacrificed. On a device where 8 bearings are asked to make contact with 3 different planes simultaneously, accuracy is a necessity.

Careful handling is all that is needed. The anodized integrated rails and bearings should be kept clean, and that's all. No grease, oil, or lubrication of any kind is ever needed.

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  • In use at Juice
  • In use at Juice
  • In use at Juice
  • Add drama and production value to even the simplest product promo shots by introducing the smooth motion of a side-on tracking shot. Even with space limitations you can get a shot that looks like you had all the room in the world, especially when your camera is mounted to the Slyder Dolly trolley on a swivelling ball mount or High Hat/tripod head setup.