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How many attempts on average does it take your talent to perfectly nail those last 3 sentences? With the Digital Juice's SpeakEasy Tablet Prompter, gone are the days of memorization or writing speaking lines on cardboard. With this low-cost, high-quality unit, there is no reason to not have one in your production arsenal. Its really easy to assemble - just mount it on a tripod or stand, attach a camera on the rear platform, place any common tablet or smartphone in the support area, adjust the support area to securely hold the tablet or phone, and you're set to go. 70/30 beamsplitter glass will reflect the scrolling text from the tablet or smartphone to your talent from up to a 20 ft reading range. Tablets up to 12" x 9.25" can be accommodated. A protective hood will protect your lens from unwanted light. The prompter is already outfitted with tripod mount threads so everything is ready for use. The system relies on bluetooth technology, so the talent and the camera person can be one and the same.

Since this prompter uses a tablet or phone instead of dedicated monitor, you can use any prompting software that your tablet or phone is compatible with. These can be found at the Apple App Store, Google Play, and similar sources. They range from free to a very affordable $10. Pick up your prompter today and start leaving the cue cards at home.

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  • Quick and easy setup
  • Encourages use
  • 10 foot reading range
  • 9 ¼" wide tablet mounting allows for larger display
  • Bluetooth activated
  • Allows the talent to control trigger and speeds while shooting
  • Uses 70/30 beamsplitter glass like the more expensive units
  • Allows distortion-free captured footage
  • Comes in sturdy aluminum foam lined carry case
  • Keeps your glass protected when transporting
  • Fits any size camera
  • Means your product purchase is future proof
  • Can work from light stand, c-stand, or tripod
  • Means you always have a way to mount it in the field


Nothing could be simpler to use

The Digital Juice Speak Easy Prompter is an easy piece of gear to work with. A few simple assembly steps and you're off and running. And the unit works with a wide range of cameras and tablets, ranging from small smartphones to larger iPad Pro's and Surface Pro's. And cameras from smaller DSLR's to medium sized camcorders will work just fine.

The Speak Easy prompter makes use of any inexpensive and readily available prompter software from any of the iphone or tablet app stores. Simply import or create your script, sync your tablet and phone and you're off and running. It1s so easy that, if you're a one-man-band, you can even control things yourself. Scripted production will never be the same again.

7 Simple steps and you're off and running

The Digital Juice Speak Easy can accommodate cameras ranging from small to medium sized. Anything from smaller DSLR's to Reds can be used. For smaller cameras, the use of the included 1.5" riser may be necessary to allow your lens access to the beam splitter glass.

Camera showing normal setup

Standard sized camcorder showing use with included riser.

Included 1.5" riser being installed.

Smaller DSLR setup using included riser.

Long gone are the days of wired remotes for your personal teleprompter. Like all modern teleprompters, the Speak Easy prompter takes advantage of tools that everyone possesses today, a tablet and a smart phone. With the use of any third party app, you're off and running in no time. Simply create your script in your favorite word processor.

4 simple steps to operate your prompter software.

  • Beam Splitter glass in aluminum frame
  • Nylon hood
  • Sliding tablet plate
  • Riser block
  • Thumb screws
  • Adapter for smartphone
  • Aluminum carry case
  • Weight (without tablet) - Approx 4lbs
  • Glass Reflectivity - 70/30 high quality beam splitter glass
  • Glass Size - 8 ⅞" x ¼"
  • Tablet size accepted - 9 ¼" wide tablets or less
  • Reading Range - 10 feet
  • Carry case dimensions - 17.5"L x 13.5"W x 5.5"H
  • Riser height - 1.5"
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I use several cameras. It depends on the situation. WIll this work with multiple sizes and types of cameras?

Certainly. It can be outfitted with everything from a DSLR to a RED.

How do you mount the unit?

It uses a typical industry standard plate system.

Who makes the software for it?

There are many software packages available on your tablet or phone app stores. They range in price to free to full-featured packages for under $12.00.

Will the glass interfere with the footage being shot?

No. The unit uses the highest quality beam splitter glass to insure distortion-free footage.

Can I use this product outdoors?

Direct sunlight will likely pose a problem. But overcast or indirect sun may allow for visibility.

User's Guide

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