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If you're not a big fan of compromising, the Digital Juice Slyder Pro is a piece of gear you'll need to own. Who says that being lightweight means a lack of structural rigidity? Who says that being lightweight means a severe limit to payload capacity? This new carbon fiber unit breaks all the rules. Featuring 21mm carbon fiber rails, the slider is lightweight at only 3.3 lb, yet able to support loads up to 18 lb. The large 4 x 5" carriage accommodates fluid heads and tripods of various sizes and glides smoothly along the rails thanks to eight sealed bearings on aluminum rollers, with a maximum camera travel distance of 40.5". In addition to a 3/8"-16 attachment screw, there are 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads on the carriage that are useful for mounting optional accessories. At the ends of the slider are angle-adjustable legs with height-adjustable rubber feet for leveling on uneven terrain. A padded carrying case is included to conveniently store and transport the slider.

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  • A full 40" of camera travel
  • Great for adding slow movement for intrigue to your shots
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to tow and stow
  • Comes with custom carry case
  • Keeps your gear protected when not in use
  • U-shaped rail wheels
  • Allows for operation at any angle
  • Designed to work with all Digital Juice slider accessories
  • High hat, C-stand adapters, Ball Head, Power Unit all work with this unit



And if you desire more performance, you can add multiple Digital Juice accessories to expand its capability. Easily mount the DIgital Juice High Hat to allow the attachment of your 75mm or 100mm tripod head to allow panning and tilting motion while operating your slider. Or, get your slider off of the ground or table and allow it to free stand using a set of Digital Juice C-stand adapters and Slyder Stands. Or, enjoy the ultimate accessory by adding motorized motion by way of the Digital Juice Pro Slyder Power Unit. With the power unit, extreme repeatable dramatically slow shots are just the turn of a dial away.

Three ways to mount your camera

The Pro Slyder offers 3 ways to mount your camera. For simple straight on shots, you can simply mount your camera directly to the trolley plate. If you need to position the camera for any reason, say, angle the camera up, down or to either side, you’ll want to first install a DJ Ball Head to your plate first and then your camera. Or, if you desire maximum flexibility, we recommend using the Digital Juice High Hat to allow panning and tilting as you traverse the rails by using your 75mm or 100mm tripod head.

Mount your camera directly to the plate using the spring loaded 1/4" x 20 to 3/8" stud.

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If you need to position your camera in order to capture your subject, the Digital Juice Ball Head is the perfect accessory.

Add panning or tilting motion to your linear shots using your 75 to 100mm ball head by using the Digital Juice High Hat.

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Add accessories to expand your creative capabilities

The use of stand, lights, monitors and a whole host of production tools can add value to this creative tool. With strategically placed 3/8" and 1/4" threaded holes on the trolley plate and the legs, you can mount virtually anything.

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Shows use of accessory drive motor and Ball Head.

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The included 1/4" x 20 holes on the base plate allow for the use of important accessories such as lights and monitors.


In Use
In Use In Use
In Use In Use
Optional Accessory:
* Designed to work exclusively with SLYDER PRO

Weight: 3.3 lbs
Dimensions: 47" L x 6" W x 5" H
Maximum camera Weight: 5
Rail Diameter: 22mm
Rail Length: 44.5"
Rail Material: Carbon Fiber
End Cap Material: Cast Aluminum
End Cap Material: Dual ⅜" & ¼" spring loaded
Foot adjustability: .700 inch
Carry Bag Dimensions: 49" L x 8" W x 3" H
Product box dimensions: 51" L x 10" W x 4" H

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Are there any accessories made for this unit?

Yes. This unit supports the Digital Juice High Hat, the Digital Juice C-stand Adapters, and the Digital Juice Power Unit.

Can I place a full sized camera on this unit?

You probably can get away with a heavier camera if you keep your center of gravity low when mounting your camera.

Is carbon fiber stronger than aluminum?

No. The unit uses the highest quality beam splitter glass to insure distortion-free footage.

Am I limited to creating shots with my camera positioned parallel to the ground?

No. Because of the unique wheel shape, you can mount your slider at any angle, including upside down, and it will perform just as well as right side up.

User's Guide

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