Miniburst 504 3-Point Lighting System

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The Digital Juice SunBurst is destined to become your favorite single light in your arsenal once it proves it's power and versatility. With a whopping 18,000 lumens of pure 5,600 degree light on hand, the 31" diameter SunBurst and it's 288 LED elements can light many intimate scenes all by itself. Use it with the included .9 stop diffusion for soft, even, shadow-less light. it's claim-to-fame may be as a soft light source, but it can also serve as a source to illuminate your green screen backdrops as well as standing in as a sunlight source as well.

With a slip on design and no speed rings to deal with, setup couldn't be easier. The silver lined pop-up soft box allows for maximum reflection of your light on your subject. And the tactile rotary dial allows you to find that perfect level of lighting on your subject. The Digital Juice SunBurst also allows for remote control over up to 8 lights from a single control board, allowing for easy adjustments over your more complex scenes.

Try a Digital Juice SunBurst lights today. You won't be sorry you did.

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  • 288 Separate LED Lighting Elements
  • This means you can say goodbye to ever replacing bulbs again
  • Internal Cooling Fan
  • You can confidently run it for hours on end
  • Detachable Diffusion
  • Can transform the light from a soft box to direct light
  • Folding Pop-Up Umbrella Style Softbox
  • Allows for lightning fast setup and teardown
  • Extremely High Color Reproduction Index
  • Means that "what you see is what you get."
  • Controllable Using Optional Control Mixing Board
  • Easy to reproduce complex set ups days apart
  • A Full 18,000 Lumens
  • Means you can overcome ambient light situations easily
  • Light Included
  • No need to outfit your existing lights with stand alone soft box
  • Soft Carry Bag
  • Keep your precious equipment protected while not in use
Product In Depth Perfect for Photography or Film/Video Production
The SunBurst Soft Box Kit has everything you need to light everything from intimate interviews to static object scenes. Unlike most other soft box solutions, the Digital Juice SunBurst includes your soft box AND your light at one reasonable price. No speed rings or adapter plates needed. A quick umbrella style box with an elastic collar slips quickly over the light. This means no fussing around with complicated spline based systems that take forever to assemble and tear down.
With no speed rings involved, set up couldn't be easier. Simply pop up your box, screw into light, pull fabric over the base, and dial in your light level. Simple.
The SunBurst Soft Box can help set the mood in your mind's eye. Here is a single source scene showing the different looks that can be achieved by simply adjusting the level via the rotary dial. The included diffusion panel was attached.
Optional Accessory:
  • Spun Aluminum LED Light/Housing
  • Silver Lined Nylon Umbrella
  • Carry Sleeve for Softbox Umbrella
  • Touch-Fastening Diffusion Panel
  • 8 foot Power Cord
  • RJ-45 Cable (required for accessory use)
  • Soft Carry Bag for Light
  • 12 Page User Guide
  • 288 LED
SunBurst 288 LED Softbox Kit
Weight: 5.07lbs (2.3kg)
Power Type: IEC
Illumination (LUX): >18,000LM
Soft box dimensions: 31" diameter x 31" high
Soft box panels: 8
Diffusion F Stop: .9
Removable Front Diffusion: Yes
Speed ring required: No
Color temperature: 5,600 degrees
Life Span: >50,000 hours
Color Rendering Index: >95
Beam Angle: 60 degrees
Number SMD LEDs: 288
Operating Voltage: AC 90-260v
Construction: Aluminum
Readout Display: LCD
Carry Bag Dimensions: 13" x 13" x 13"
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Which speedring will this accept?

This is a self-contained system. No lights or rings are needed. Everything you need is provided in the kit.

How many hours will the bulb last?

Since the bulb consists of multiple LED elements, many, many hundreds of hours.

Can I use this as a key light in my 3 light setup?

Absolutely. Since the light is easily dialed in using the rotary dial, you can quickly find the proper intensity somewhere between 1 and 100.

When would I ever need to use it without the diffusion?

There will be many times you'll want to use the unit as a direct and harder light source, such as imitating a noonday sun or creating harsh shadows on your subjects during horror scenes.

If need be, can I place more than one on a 20amp circuit?

Due to the efficient and cool running nature of LED lighting, a standard 15 or 20 amp home circuit can handle multiple lights without tripping a breaker.

Why is there an ethernet port on the back?

One nice feature of the light is that, using the optional Digital Juice 8 port controller, you can daisy chain and control up to 8 lights independently. Perfect for repeatable field or studio setups.

Quick Start Guide

Download User's Guide    |    1.51 MB