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Long travel in an unbelievably compact package


28 inches of linear travel from a device this small is pure "magic"

In keeping with a world that's becoming more and more efficient and miniaturized, we present to you the Digital Juice Magic Slyder. Measuring in at just over 11 inches long when stored, this tiny Foldable Crane Slider provides a seemingly impossible 28 inches of linear travel, makes this piece of gear is a must have for any run-and-gun videographer. It's compact size and long travel is enough to sell any field shooter that this is a must-have product, but it has one more cool party trick built into it's aluminum housing. If you mount your camera via to its secondary location, your camera now moves in a parabolic fashion. That's right, it will pan to follow your subject automatically while you pull the unit from left to right.

Mounting the unit couldn't be any more straightforward or easy. Simply attach the unit to any tripod using the standard 3/8" mounting hole. Then mount any camera weighing up to 4 1/2 pounds to the unit via the 1/4" x 20 stud, and you're off an running. Or make mounting easier by using either one of our economically priced mini or maxi ball heads. And to keep your unit nice and safe, we've included a nice nylon protective sleeve while it's sits in your production bag waiting for its next assignment.

The Digital Juice Magic Slyder is a must have at a great price. Get yours today.

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  • Allows for 28" of linear motion
  • A compact slider that folds up and stows easily into any production bag
  • Allows for 14" of push motion
  • For quick push or pull shots without the use of cumbersome dolly or track
  • Metal construction
  • This unit is virtually indestructible
  • Parabolic attachment point
  • Allows even and smooth pan shots that no human can match
  • Custom carry sleeve
  • Keeps your investment safe and looking its best



The Magic Slyder may look like a simple swiveling arm, but it has multiple uses, and multiple options for mounting itself and your camera. You can mount your Slyder to any trusted tripod, or to the Digital Juice Stand Adapter and Mini Stand.

The Magic Slyder is master of 3 very creative and often-used shots. The linear slide, the parabolic slide and the push. A series of belts and cogs make the creation of these shots a snap as seen below. Depending on which mounting stud and which direction your camera is mounted, all 3 shots can be accomplished.

The Slyder is outfitted with two mounting studs about an inch apart. Mounting to the outer stud as shown will cause the camera lens to to track steady from left to right.

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Mounting your camera to inner stud will cause your camera and its lens to follow the your stationary subject as the unit pivots.

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  • Magic Slyder: Foldable Crane Slider
  • Carry protective sleeve
  • Mini Ball Head
  • ¼" x 20 to ⅜" thread adapter
  • Manual
    Weight: 2 lbs. 6 oz.
    Folded dimensions: 9 ¼" L x 2 ½" W x 5" H
    Material construction: Aluminum frame
    Ball head mounting studs: ¼" x 20 thread pitch
    Camera weight capacity: 4.5 lbs
    Maximum Travel: 27.75"
    Mounting System: Tripod plate via ⅜" threaded hole
    End Cap Material: Dual ⅜" & ¼" spring loaded

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My current tripod does not have a fluid head. Will this negatively impact my shots?

No, not at all. The tripod has no impact on resulting shots. All of the motion is generated from the unit itself. The tripod only exists as the means to hold the unit at your desired height.

Is maintenance required to keep the unitís pivot points moving freely?

No. The main components that are used for motion are cogged belts and stainless gears. They use no lubrication.

I see you offer two style ball heads as accessories for use. Are either or both of these units mandatory for use?

Some sort of ball head is needed to operate this unit. Your camera cannot be secured directly to the base due to the fact that the other mounting stud will not allow the camera to clear it. You will need some way to elevate the camera. Most videographers possess this type of device. If you happen to need one, we offer a mini version at a very small expense.

Can I use this using a c-stand?

Yes you can. By using Digital Juice C-Stand Adapter, you can mount the unit to any c-stand or light stand. Be sure to use a sandbag, such as the Digital Juice Sandbag, to insure stability.