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Cast soft, even, and shadowless light with zero effort



The 19" Digital Juice LED RingBurst 252 is a unique light source that allows photographers and videographers to fully explore their creative potential. Because of its unusual circular construction, the fixture renders a soft, nearly shadowless look that is very flattering to skin tones and seems to bathe the subject in light. You'll no doubt find yourself relying on this lighting device for interviews, close-up portrait style shots and even still life. Although the ring light comes with a 5/8" receiver ready for stand-mounting, its full, more pronounced effect is in evidence when an using our optional ball head adapter that allows a camera to be mounted to it with its lens in the center aperture of the light.

The ring light conveniently dims from 10-100% and runs barely warm to the touch, removing any worry about subject discomfort. Although daylight-balanced at 5500K, Digital Juice provides a 3000K tungsten-balanced diffuser for a warmer look or to match room lights. A heavily padded, zippered case for storage and transport is included.

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  • Larger 19" diameter
  • Large enough to serve as a single source light for many situations
  • LED technology
  • Never replace another bulb
  • Dial sensitivity indicator knob
  • Quick, tactile adjustments
  • Numerical readout
  • See your setting for peace of mind
  • Hot shoe mount
  • Allows central mounting for most small to medium cameras


A great light at a great price

The Digital Juice RingBurst is a unique light that you'll no doubt find yourself reaching for more often than you'd think. Once you get used to the ease of setup and quick rotary dial intensifier with LED readout, you'll look for uses on set. With even warm or white light choices, there's not too much this light can't handle.

Dial in your intensity from 0% to 99% via the convenient rotary dial.

Use the optional mini-ballhead to mount your lightweight camera to the inside of the light.

The light has a standard ⅝" receiver hole at its base.

The choice is yours. You can either shoot from inside of the light.

Or from the back via your tripod.

  • 19" LED light ring
  • 5,600 degree diffuser
  • 3,000 degree diffuser
  • Canvas Carry Bag
  • 8.6' Power Cord
  • 2 Page User Guide
Size: 19" Diameter x 2" Height
Material Construction: ABS plastic
Power: 55W
Voltage: DC 12-15v/5A
CRI: 95+
Lumens: 28,001m
LED Angle: 120°
Life Span: 5000h
Working Temperature: -4° - 104°F
Color Temperature: 5,600 and 3,200 K
Power cord length: 8' and 8"
Carry bag material: Canvas outer, nylon inner
Carry bag dimensions: 21" x 21" x 2.25"
Mounting System: Threaded ⅝" hole receiver
Carry Bag Dimensions: 13" x 13" x 13"
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Can I use this as a single light source?

You certainly can, depending on your scene. For most of the shots shown as examples on this page were created using only this light source.

Being that the light is often positioned very close to the subject/talent, will the heat cause discomfort?

Not at all. LED's by nature provide very cool light in terms of heat produced.

How often will I need to replace burned out LED elements?

This should never happen. LED lighting is known for its zero maintenance.

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