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Compact and versatile. What a combo!



Digital Juice does it again with another winning product that's sure to take your productions to the next level. Part of what makes a piece of gear great is actually using it. We've all purchased gear in the past that works really well, but was a bear to setup and teardown. And we've also fell for purchasing the gear that looked extremely friendly to transport and setup, but did not produce the sort of images you were expecting. That all stops with our latest product, the Digital Juice Lotus Jib.

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  • Crafted from cast aluminum
  • Dependable enough for rugged field work
  • Extends to a useful 80" of height placed on your 4ft. tripod
  • Capture rock steady jib shots with smooth movement
  • Small stow footprint thanks to an industry first folding design
  • Reduces length for a compact stow
  • Preset boom arm adjustment indents every 3"
  • Takes guesswork out of setup
  • ¼" x 20 ⅜" holes for mounting accessories
  • Allows for things such as monitors and clamps to be mounted
  • Bubble level included in base plate
  • Insures quick setup and level shots
  • Protective soft carry case
  • Keeps your investment looking its best
  • Extendable counterweight bar
  • Adjust out to lessen amount of counterweight needed


Equally convenient and capable

This nifty unit folds neatly down to a compact 26" by the way of its telescoping and folding boom and its sliding counterweight bar. Extremely sturdy and robust, yet at a mere 7 ½ pounds thanks to its truss framework to lighten its frame. It won't kill you to sling it over your shoulder as you hike up that mountain pass. But once you arrive, you'll be up and shooting in no time. Use the preset indents spaced conveniently every 3 ½ inches apart for in the boom and pivot arm to be in perfect alignment quickly. The Lotus Jib shows its versatility by allowing the camera to be mounted on top or or beneath the mounting plate. With plenty of mounting holes for cameras and accessories such as lights, monitors, or articulating arms, the Lotus Jib is a highly accommodating piece of gear.

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Mount your camera above or below the plate, horizontally or vertically.

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Weight boom arm slides out to receive a standard 2.5 or 5 pound weight plate or sandbag.

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Easily keep boom arm and parallel guide arm in sync using built-in knob indents.

This jib literally folds onto itself to halve its size for easy stow and transport.


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Weight: 7.5 lbs
Construction Material: Cast Aluminum
Weight Capacity: No more than 7 lbs recommended
Collapsed Dimensions: 26" L x 5" W x 8" H
Extended Dimensions: 77"
Maximum Height: 8 ft. when used with Digital Juice "GoStixx"
Carry Bag Dimensions: 26" H c 9" W
Carry Bag Material: Canvas/Nylon outer, Nylon inner with 3/16" closed cell foam padding in between

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What is the maximum weight capacity for this unit?

We recommend a small footprint camera or DSLR minimally outfitted with wide angle lens.

How do you adjust focus while using?

It is recommended to use wide angle lens with plenty of depth potential.

Can this be used with a dolly system?

Absolutely. It will make extremely difficult floating tracking shots quite easy

Do I need a special tripod to use the Lotos Jib?

No. Any dedicated video tripod should yield great results.

Can my camera be mounted underneath or "underslung" to the jib mount?

Yes it can. The plate will work in a perpendicular manner if camera mounted to either top or bottom.

User's Guide

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