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Introducing the Digital Juice MiniBurst 3-Point Lighting System

A compact 3-point lighting kit with cool-running & longlasting LED lights

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When portable dimmable bright light and minimal heat are priorities, you need the power of the Digital Juice MiniBurst 3-Point Lighting System. The three LED lights in this compact kit deliver the equivalent of 500W of hotlight power while still providing the bright longlasting lighting you need in a complete portable lighting solution for your next photo or video project. This versatile cool-running lighting system works perfectly for everything from talking head interviews and product shots in confined spaces to larger scale productions in a studio environment. The kit includes 2 MiniBurst 256 LED light fixtures and 1 MiniBurst 128 LED light fixture, along with power supply adapter, battery, battery charger, car charger adapter, diffusion/warming filters and mini ball head for each light. Three lightweight light stands are also provided, as is an attractive compact deluxe carry bag so that you can easily transport and store your lights and stands when not in use.

  • Release Date: June 27, 2013

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