Digital Juice Sharpshooter

Overview A shoulder mount DSLR camera rig which is lightweight, compact and easily configurable

If you are just starting to shoot with a DSLR, you are probably already looking for a way to maximize and improve your shots without breaking the bank. For most DSLR shooters, this means purchasing a simple rail system to stabilize the camera, a follow focus unit for perfect focus pulls, and a simple matte box to keep unwanted lens flares at bay. Generally, to get even the most rudimentary shoulder rig and rail system, you could end up spending as much as or more than what you paid for your camera. However now, with the Digital Juice Sharpshooter, you can start getting those perfect shots without blowing your budget. This entry-level shoulder-mount camera rig is lightweight, compact and easily configurable. Plus it contains everything you need to stabilize your camera, achieve better focus pulls and prevent unwanted light from hitting your camera lens. It is a perfect solution for the serious hobbyist or for the documentary shooter who has little time for extensive set-ups.

The DJ Sharpshooter camera rig is comprised of three main components: the gear-driven reversible Digital Juice Standard Follow Focus which can be mounted to the left or right of the camera lens, a lightweight, height-adjustable standard matte box, and the 15-mm rail and camera baseplate support system with 1/4 20 tie-down, two padded front grips and a curved ergonomic shoulder pad. The 12-piece set can be configured in just about any way to suit your needs. Each piece is easily adjusted so that you can dial in the best fit and ensure the maximum amount of stability. There are multiple industry standard ¼-20 threaded attachment points so you can secure the unit to a tripod or attach other accessories like an articulating arm for an external monitor. You can configure the components as a simple lightweight shoulder rig for run-and-gun style shooting or as a compact, versatile studio rig.

Product Indepth Essential adjustable components to fit you & your camera and to help you get the smoothest shots

Every aspect of the DJ Sharpshooter can be configured to your exact shooting requirements. Every part of the shoulder pad and rail system can be adjusted to your body size and position while the matte box, follow focus and camera plate components can be adjusted to accept a wide variety of cameras, lenses and accessories.

The gear-driven DJ Standard Follow Focus unit included with the Sharpshooter rig includes an adjustable lens gear belt that can be fitted to nearly any lens girth to ensure accurate repeatable focus pulls without slipping. The unit mounts to 15mm rail rods and has a wet-erase type china wheel surrounding the drive knob which allows you to mark accurate start and end points for your focus pulls.

The lightweight standard matte box included with the Sharpshooter kit has two side flags and one top flag, all of which are both adjustable and removable. The entire matte box assembly is also height adjustable to accommodate different lenses and cameras.

The front grip handles on the camera base unit of the Sharpshooter are padded with soft rubber and form-fitted for maximum ergonomic comfort. These handles are positioned under the base plate for load bearing and stabilization.

The camera base plate itself is 3 inches square with rubber traction pads and a ¼-20 tie-down to keep your camera tightly attached. On the bottom of the base plate are four ¼-20 threaded through-holes so you can secure it to a tripod or attach other accessories to the rig such as an articulating arm for an external monitor.

The shoulder pad has a neoprene upper and rubberized body padding as well as a velcro utility strap to keep cables or batteries where you want them.

All of the adjustment thumbscrews on the Sharpshooter have plastic turning knobs to keep the weight down while still allowing for ease of use. No tools are required to adjust any piece of this rig. All metal parts in the unit are powder coated in black to aid the fitting's grip while also keeping the rig looking professional.

Whether you need a stable action shot, a proper smooth focus pull or a way to minimize lens flare, the DJ Sharpshooter DSLR camera rig has you covered. The various lightweight components included with the rig can be adjusted for the most ergonomic and efficient fit for you and your camera and can help you get the most stable shots possible in a wide variety of situatons.

  • DJ Standard Follow Focus with one adjustable lens gear belt
  • Height-adjustable standard matte box with top flag, two side-flags and 15-mm rail adapter
  • 15-mm adjustable rail system with two padded hand grips, curved shoulder pad and camera base plate
Weight: 3.6 lbs / 1.63kg (complete Sharpshooter rig setup with all components installed)
also available StandardFollowFocus
Follow Focus PRO
Quick Start Guide

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Quick Start Guide

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