Spyder Pod - Vehicle Camera Mounting System

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Overview An optional accessory that makes your Spyder Pod even more versatile in the field

The Digital Juice Spyder Pod Foot Kit is an optional accessory kit for the Spyder Pod Vehicle Camera Mounting System which allows you to quickly turn the Spyder Pod into an ultra-compact and flexible high hat/baby tripod combo for your camera. This is especially useful when you need tripod stability in an area where your standard tripod may not fit or when you need a specialized stable low angle shot.

This set of lightweight compact feet can be easily thrown into your Spyder Pod carry bag to give you the flexibility to use the Spyder Pod as an instant customizable tripod when shooting on the go. Removing the rubber endcap on each of the three feet in the kit reveals a heavy-duty stainless steel spike for those times when you really need your Spyder Pod to be as steady as possible on a less than smooth surface such as grass, sand, carpet or ice.

Product Indepth High-quality materials, compact size, added flexibility for your Spyder Pod

Each Spyder Pod Foot Kit contains three feet, each with a heavy duty stainless steel spike base seated in a removable rubber endcap.


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Dimensions: 2"/5.1cm (base unit with rubber endcap); 1.625"/4.1cm (base unit with rubber endcap when screwed into leg); 1.875"/4.8cm (base unit with spiked end); 1.5"/3.8cm (base unit with spiked end when screwed into leg)
Weight: 1.8 oz/51g (each foot with rubber endcap); 1.5 oz/43g (each foot without rubber endcap)
Materials: Custom machined stainless steel (foot base and spike), 90 durometer rubber (endcap)

The three feet in the Spyder Pod Foot Kit are made from the same high-quality heavy-duty materials as the Spyder Pod itself. The base unit is custom machined from stainless steel while the endcaps are molded from 90 durometer thick rubber.


The Spyder Pod feet easily screw into the bottom of any of the interchangeable segments of the Spyder Pod legs, giving you flexible low-angle tripod or high hat functionality.


The rubber endcaps on the feet are designed to provided a non-slip stable base for the Spyder Pod on smooth or flat surfaces such as tile floors, wooden tabletops or concrete sidewalks.


By removing the rubber endcaps on the Spyder Pod feet, you can use the heavy-duty steel spikes of the feet to keep your Spyder Pod and camera even more stable in rougher terrain, such as outdoors on grass or ice.

Note: The rubber endcaps on the Spyder Pod feet are quite snug. This ensures they do not fall off during use. You will find it is easier to remove the endcaps from the spiked feet when they are attached to a Spyder Pod leg rod, giving you more leverage for twisting. A quick twist as you pull on the rubber cap will then release the spiked end.

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